2021 Press Releases

October 13, 2021

Vertiv Introduces its New Compact and Powerful Data Centre Cooling Solutions for Edge and Small IT Rooms

Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, has launched the Vertiv Liebert DM, its latest line of thermal management solutions for small and medium-sized computer rooms, IT closets, and other edge applications. The Liebert DM, with capacities ranging from 7 to 27 kW, is now available in Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.
Using an intelligent algorithm, the floor-mounted Liebert DM thermal management solution provides enterprise-level cooling features to small computer rooms and network closets, to prevent overheating and downtime of IT equipment. It is designed to provide year-round temperature and humidity control for IT applications. In addition, the Liebert DM features a high sensible heat ratio (SHR) of greater than 0.9, making it ideal for cooling IT environments versus standard comfort cooling solutions. 
The Liebert DM series is a compact and sensible cooling solution for mission-critical applications such as small IT rooms and edge computing infrastructure in the fields of banking, healthcare, government, transport and energy. This solution is ideal for those that require efficient, reliable and sensible equipment cooling, round-the-clock operation and precise internal environment The Liebert DM can also support battery rooms, and control rooms in industrial and manufacturing applications. 
Users have the option of connecting up to four Liebert DM series units in a single network. Multiple Liebert DM units with automatic rotation features can be installed, configured, and synced to ensure optimal heat load management in most IT environments. A customer, for example, may choose to install four Liebert DM units in a computer room and programme them to run in a cycle and on a schedule, ensuring equal load distribution and greater efficiency. Furthermore, the Liebert DM's built-in emergency features will automatically detect any failure, triggering an alarm for immediate action, ensuring adequate cooling.
The Liebert DM is equipped with user-friendly controls for ease of use, including a 7-inch touchscreen color display as well as real-time, graphical display of return air temperature and relative humidity. The Liebert DM also has built-in intelligent features for added protection, including a three-level password protection and email and SMS notification for remote monitoring functions.
“Many of today’s businesses rely on sophisticated IT processors to enable digital applications in their day-to-day operations. Any failure in these delicate components can lead to potential breakdown and failure, which can have disastrous results. That’s why for these applications, using precision cooling versus comfort cooling is recommended for optimal operation of the IT equipment. The Liebert DM is ideal in this scenario because of its highly efficient and energy-saving features that provide the best cooling versus traditional means,” said Preetam Shah, director for product offering and management for edge thermal solutions, Vertiv Asia & India.