How Bluesify Can Keep You Secured

Business never sleeps. But neither do the cyberthreats. Listen to Izman Ibrahim, Managing Director at Bluesify to learn about Bluesify's services and solutions to help keep your organisation secured.

Harnessing the True Power of the Cloud: The Experts Weigh In

Cloud computing, like the clouds in the sky, is ubiquitous, and many organisations in Indonesia have, in fact, already begun their respective cloud journeys. The question is, does your organisation know how to unleash the...

Micro Focus CTO Niel Pandya Highlights the Need for DevSecOps in Exclusive Interview

There is a vital component to DevOps that companies need to be taking into account: Security. Adding this security component transforms DevOps into DevSecOps and keeps the software supply chain secure against cyber attackers...

Noname Security Shares Best Practices for Securing Against API Threats

You may or may not have heard of APIs, but whether you’re aware of them or not, you’re already using them in your day to day activities. API stands for Application Programming Interface. To put it simply, an API...

3D Networks: Meeting Backup Challenges in Today's Digital-First Landscape with Druva

Data Storage ASEAN speaks to Mr Nazmul Khan, the Regional Service Director for 3D Networks, to talk about their shift in backup strategies with the help of Druva.

The Soothsayer: An AI Future for Machine Maintenance and Monitoring

In the next few years, as the world continues its trajectory of digital transformation, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will permeate all industries, spreading even more than it has already done so today. Among the many...

Building Cyber Resiliency Into an Enterprise Storage Foundation

Andrew Martin, Group Publisher of Data Storage Asean, speaks with IBM’s Akhil Kamat will discuss how IBM flash storage solutions help businesses remain cyber resilient while also ensuring a successful cloud...

How Businesses Can Address Modern Data Storage Demands and Disruption

Andrew Martin, Group Publisher of Data Storage Asean, speaks with IBM’s Akhil Kamat about the growing data volume and how IBM is addressing the issue to meet storage strategy demands. Stay tuned for tomorrow's part...

ISS Data as the leading SAP ByDesign Enabler in Singapore

DSA interviews the Head of Customer Engagement from ISS Data, Mr Pohlim Koo to find out its role as the leading SAP ByDesign enabler in Singapore.

Enabling Cloud Transformation with Cloud Kinetics

Watch our interview with Ted Aravinthan, Chief Revenue Officer at Cloud Kinetics, as we focus on Cloud Kinetics and how they are helping customers in the region to become cloud enabled.