Webinar - Understanding the Tactics and Techniques of Cybercriminals

The fight against cybercrime is increasingly becoming one about understanding the hows, whats and whys of cybercriminal activity. Understanding cybercrime tactics and techniques will mean you and your company are better prepared...

Mobile Workforce & SaaS Applications - A Soft Cyber Target - From Salesforce to Slack Build Your Defences

Fortinet's Wong Ching Ping,  Snr. Business Development Manager discusses how mobility effects security.  Workforces everywhere are becoming more mobile. People are reducing hours spent in "the office"...

WEBINAR - Securing the Rapidly Expanding Edge

Webinar on Securing the Rapidly Expanding Edge. Featured speaker representatives from Fortinet and CyberSecurity Asean.

WEBINAR: Beyond Bitcoin Mining - Impact of Crypto-Jacking on Your Business

Webinar on Beyond Bitcoin Mining - Impact of Crypto-Jacking on Your Business. Featured speaker representatives from CyberSecurity Malaysia, Symantec, CyberSecurity Asean.

WEBINAR: As the Network Expands So Does The Threat Landscape - Understand Where & How Cyber Criminals Will target Your Network

Speaker: Gavin Chow is a Network & Security Strategist at Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs, with more than 17 years of experience consulting and delivering cybersecurity projects for many industry verticals across the Asia...

Securing Your “Cloud First” Strategy Webinar

This is a webinar session on securing your “Cloud First” strategy that features Syed Ahmad Hafez, Senior Journalist from Asia Online Publishing Group, Dato' Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab, CEO from CyberSecurity...

Implementing In-Memory Computing for Financial Services Use Cases with Apache® Ignite™

GridGain Webinar on "Implementing In-Memory Computing for Financial Services Use Cases with Apache® Ignite™" by Denis Magda, Product Manager, GridGain Systems Apache Ignite PMC Chair.

TBRI talks hyperconverged infrastructure

Hyperconverged technology is forcing traditional server OEMs to re-evaluate their portfolios as data center customers increasingly find use cases for hyperconverged systems. As part of the converged infrastructure market, which...

Shinjiru Webinar on Business in the Cloud in Malaysia

Shinjiru delivered this webinar as part of the MDeC Product listing education sessions. The webinar shows how Malaysian Compaies can use a local company to cloud enable their business

451 and SimpliVity talk hyperconvergence

The reality is that there is growing confusing between converged and hyper-converged storage architecture.  This webinar has Tim Stammers of 451 Research and SimpliVity’s Jesse St. Laurent provide an open dialogue...