2014 Press Releases

June 20, 2014

KupperingerCole crowns CA IdentityMinder leader in Identity Provisioning

The further we move out into the cloud, the more critical security takes importance. Borrowing from the Harry Potter series, it is almost irresponsible not to include identity management as an important component in the defense against the dark arts of identity theft – afterall it’s not really a question of if you will become a victim of identity theft – the real question is when.
So it is prudent for organizations, both the vendor and the user community, to be always on the guard looking to identify areas of where holes can be found in our security strategies – because that is what thieves are looking for – and, even more important, looking for means to patch holes, where found and strengthen, where weaknesses exists.
Gartner estimates that the largest segment of the cloud security market is cloud-based IAM or Identity as a Services or IDaaS. Gartner defines IdaaS as “a combination of administration and account provisioning, authentication and authorization, and reporting functions” — obviously all facilitated as cloud-based services. Gartner predicts IDaaS to grow from $500 million to $1.24 billion in 2017 for a total 28.3% combined annual growth rate. This makes Cloud Identity the 2nd fastest growing segment of the cloud security market, with Security Event Management growing a bit faster but off a smaller base.

CA Technologies Named an Overall Leader in Identity Provisioning by KuppingerCole

 Innovation, Market Presence and Product Capabilities Among the Criteria Used to Determine the Overall Leader Rating
CA Technologies announced it has been named an “Overall Leader” in identity provisioning in the recent Leadership Compass report issued by KuppingerCole, a leading analyst firm focused on identity-centric information security. CA IdentityMinder™, CA’s unified solution for user provisioning and user management, was evaluated for the report.
In the “Leadership Compass: Identity Provisioning*” report, KuppingerCole evaluated 26 vendors in the areas of innovation, product and market presence. Analysts calculated Overall Leaders based on a combined rating of those three categories. 
“Based on the long history of the product and the market position of CA Technologies, it is no surprise that CA has done a large number of deployments of CA IdentityMinder. As a consequence, there is — besides a mature and rich feature set — a number of additional solutions from CA Services available which add to this functionality,” Martin Kuppinger wrote in the report.
Kuppinger also stated, “A particular strength of the product is the availability of the Xpress components such as the Policy Xpress for building logic without coding and Connector Xpress for configuring new connectors.”
“Identity provisioning is a core element for protecting a business against data breach and enabling it for success,” said Mike Denning, senior vice president and general manager, Security, CA Technologies. “Businesses that can on-board new employees quickly gain fast productivity; those that can revoke application access immediately when an employee leaves, protect themselves from data theft. CA is proud to be recognized as a leader and for its innovation and success in this area.”
For more information on the report, please visit the KuppingerCole website. To learn more about CA Technologies Identity and Access Management solutions, visit http://www.ca.com/us/securecenter.aspx.
* KuppingerCole, “Leadership Compass: Identity Provisioning,” April 2014