2016 Press Releases

October 31, 2016

Enterprise File Sharing Platform FileCloud 13.0 Brings Workflow Automation, Desktop SSO & Granular Folder Permissions

CodeLathe announced the immediate availability of some new features in FileCloud 13. Among the most significant new features of FileCloud 13 are workflow automation, granular folder/subfolder permissions, versatile file storage connectors, desktop SSO, and file browser app.

According to Madhan Kanagavel, CEO of CodeLathe, "Our philosophy when developing new features is to engage our customers in the early stage so we can design our products based on the day-to-day needs of our clients. Many companies build products and then search for a market. We take the opposite approach. We find the pain points and build innovative solutions to meet the customer's needs."

Workflow Automation

FileCloud 13 brings workflow abilities to automate crucial document based business processes. Customers can organise simple conditions triggered by operations in FileCloud 13 such as when a file is created, or when a file is updated. A variety of actions (i.e. send email, block a device, and archive a file) can be set to run when the condition is triggered. 

Establishing stringent access permissions is one of the most challenging tasks when managing enterprise information.  FileCloud's granular folder permission model enables organisations to manage access permissions at any folder and subfolder level. Administrators can ensure appropriate level of access for every user, by assigning individual folder level permissions. FileCloud's granular folder permission model illustrates the NTFS file permissions model used by many enterprise admins.

Versatile File Storage Connectors

FileCloud 13 is a tool for collecting, aggregating, indexing, securing, and presenting all unstructured data, regardless of where the data is kept. FileCloud 13 impeccably manages data on network shares, cloud storage services like Amazon S3 and ECM systems like SharePoint.

Desktop SSO

Bigger enterprises, research organisations and federal institutions dealing with extremely sensitive data yearn for single sign on for desktop applications as well. FileCloud 13 brings SAML based Desktop SSO using a device authentication code.

File Browser App

FileCloud 13 carries a native file browser as part of its sync client allowing users to look for the files stored in FileCloud. The File Browser app does not store files offline or consume storage space on the local computer. Rather, this feature delivers a critical pain point of many customers who want to sync a subset of files locally but still want the ability to access all the files on the server when required.  File Browser app is available for all major client OS's: Windows, Mac and Linux.