Moving from Legacy Systems to Cloud Computing

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Many companies continue to have questions about having their infrastructure or applications deployed on a cloud computing architecture, despite the proven savings and business advantages cloud computing can provide. This Tata Communications paper addresses some common technology and deployment concerns, and makes suggestions on how companies can more easily migrate comfortably to using cloud-based computing more effectively in their business. In particular this paper outlines and discusses common concerns, such as cloud security, flexibility, the ability to migrate away from cloud computing if necessary, managing cloud environments and ensuring service levels are maintained. The paper also focuses on types of cloud architectures, including when they are each most commonly used, and migration strategies for companies with deeply entrenched legacy applications, as well as companies with basic IT requirements to transfer to a cloud platform. Finally, the paper outlines briefly Tata Communications’ extensive experience in global network computing and managed services, and how this expertise serves as the basis for its cloud computing service offerings.

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