Hyperconvergence for modernizing and optimizing the data center

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For too many businesses, IT, particularly the data center, remains an expensive part of organizations' operating and capital budgets. There are myriad technical reasons that data centers have been constructed the way they have. IT architecture planners, mindful that the business will grow, have attempted to build systems that can adapt, but, like so many, these architects can’t always predict that future and may run into situations in which their systems do not provide the level of flexibility and expandability that the business needs.

Hyperconverged infrastructure brings organizations some serious solutions to the two problems of data center complexity and budget cycles and optimization. “Hyperconverged” refers to a class of data center infrastructure that comes ready to go. With a hyperconverged infrastructure, the IT staff no longer has to build each of the individual components that comprises the data center. Instead, IT pros buy prebuilt “units of infrastructure” that are then assembled like a building-block set. Everything snaps together to scale seamlessly. And, if you need more, you just buy another block.

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