DSA Micro Survey Virtualisation and Cloud Strategy in ASEAN commissioned by Nutanix

Data & Storage Asean (DSA) conducted an online survey, commissioned by Nutanix, completed by 100 IT professionals from companies located across Malaysia and Indonesia to explore the current state and position with regards to virtualisation and cloud strategies among businesses in Malaysia and Indonesia.
In conducting the survey, we looked into several key areas:

  1. How respondents have implemented virtualisation, which hypervisors they use and why, and how their virtualisation preferences affect their cloud strategy.

  2. What key benefits are driving Malaysian and Indonesian companies to the cloud, the way they consume the cloud and how they’re leveraging the power of the cloud for their business.

Our aim with this survey is to gauge the level of adoption of cloud and virtualisation by Malaysian and Indonesian companies, and find out whether they have developed a sufficient understanding of the technology to create an effective and integrated cloud strategy.

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