Data-aware storage: new frontier in data management

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The biggest contributor to that growth is unstructured data – the data that lives outside the rows and columns of classic database systems. Definitions of unstructured data vary, but put simply, it is data with little or no metadata or classifiation attributes. It comprises documents, presentations, emails, videos, images, and many other fie types. Experts believe that 80% of all corporate data is unstructured, and the volume of that unstructured data is growing 60-80% annually.
According to Gartner, professionals from storage admins to business analysts are in search of better ways to manage their unstructured data .The catalyst is not only lowering expenses and potential risk, but also a desire to harness information for better decision-making.
In response, a new storage architecture has emerged: data-aware storage. Data-aware storage combines state-of-the-art primary storage with integrated data services to create an entirely new class of storage that gathers information at the point of storage to provide unprecedented intelligence and insights.This insight not only serves IT administrators, but also other key stakeholders throughout the organization, including line-of-business users and governance and compliance professionals.
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