8 Strategies for Building a Modern Datacenter

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Enterprise datacenters are straining to keep pace with dynamic business demands, as well as to incorporate advanced technologies and architectures that aim to improve infrastructure performance, scale and economics. Meeting these requirements, however, often requires a complete rethinking of how datacenters are designed and managed. Fortunately, many enterprise IT architects and leading cloud providers have already demonstrated the viability and the benefits of a more modern, software-defined datacenter.
This Nutanix white paper examines eight fundamental steps leading to a more efficient, manageable and scalable datacenter.
  • Switch to Modular Building Block Architecture
  • Converge Infrastructure Wherever Possible
  • Let Software Drive the Datacenter
  • Overcome Fear of Commodity Hardware
  • Make End-User Computing a First-Class Citizen
  • Break Down Silos for Increased Flexibility
  • Build a Hybrid Cloud
  • Move Beyond Disaster Recovery to Service Continuity
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