Webinar:You Got Breached.Now What? Are You Secure in Your Security Strategy?

The threat of cybercrime continues to evolve constantly in today’s hyperconnected world. We hear, on a regular basis, about how cybercriminals are utilising new tricks, tactics or attack methods to infect, steal and cause havoc in the cyber world.

In order to defend against the threats, it’s important to know what you’re up against.

In this webinar, AOPG Senior Journalist, Syed, briefly explains the difference between opportunistic and targeted attacks, and why it’s important to not only have tools in place to protect your digital assets, but also remediation plans in case you are targeted by a cyber attack.

Then, Malwarebytes Senior Engineer Goh Wah Yu goes on to explain the rising threat of fileless attacks and undetected malware and how companies in the ASEAN region have been affected by these new waves of threats that “fly under the radar”.

He also explains how Malwarebytes are providing many companies today with the tools and knowledge to build robust and simple remediation plans.

We hope you find the webinar interesting and beneficial.


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