Webinar - Understanding the Tactics and Techniques of Cybercriminals

The fight against cybercrime is increasingly becoming one about understanding the hows, whats and whys of cybercriminal activity. Understanding cybercrime tactics and techniques will mean you and your company are better prepared to mitigate the threat.


To help companies understand the growing cyber threat and where the threat landscape is headed, Malwarebytes and Cybersecurity Asean ran a webinar where we shared details of the global insights gained from Malwarebytes Cybercrime Tactics & Techniques report.

During the webinar, Syed (Cybersecurity Asean Senior Journalist) touched on some of the most common tactics employed by today’s cybercriminals, while Malwarebytes Senior Engineer Goh Wah Yu added some Malaysia centric analysis to the findings of the Malwarebytes report and shared his experience and knowledge to help organisations better secure digital assets.

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