Webinar: Scaling Your Systems To Get Value & Insight From Growing Data Volumes

Disruptive Tech Asean organised a webinar with SAP where we explained how businesses can scale up their systems on a more cost-effective way by leveraging on their data. 

In today’s data-driven economy, the importance of making sense of the data your business gathers are key to ensure you have the most insights on your customers and operations. In order to do this, businesses will scale up their systems to gather and analyse more data. 

Our two expert speakers shed light on how your business can leverage on the data that you already have. Instead of adding more costs to get more data, businesses can opt to scale up their system with the data they already have.


1) Ian John, Channel Sales Manager at SAP - "Systems That Manage and Grow With Your Business" 

2) Syed Ahmad Hafez - Senior Journalist at DTA - "How Wasted Data Ruins Competitive Advantage"

Listen to the webinar and a full Q&A session after their presentations.

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