WEBINAR: Malwarebytes Share Their Research on The State of Malware in 2019. So You Can Prepare For the Latest Cybercriminal Tactics

Cyber Security Asean are pleased to be partnering with Malwarebytes for another fascinating webinar. This time we are privileged to be joined by Akshay Bhargava, Malwarebytes’ Senior Vice President of Products. As Global SVP of Products, Akshay is responsible for the product vision, roadmap, and business strategy for Malwarebytes. Akshay has over 15 years of experience leading product management, engineering, and marketing. This is a great opportunity to hear an industry expert speak, and Akshay will be available for Q&A at the end of the web presentation. 

CSA’s own cyber security journalist Syed will also been hand to present our own latest findings on how prepared Singaporean and South Asean companies are in general for dealing with the latest Malware threats. 

This Webinar will give the most current knowledge you need to be prepared for the threats that will be targeting you and your users in 2019. 

Cybercriminals continue to target companies that are unpatched and unprepared. These companies are not just vulnerable, they are actively being targeted with the aim of planting information stealers into your systems. 

• We will share 2018 trends and see how they give a clue on what to prepare for in 2019 
• Advice on strategies to ensure you don’t become the next cyber victim. 
• Delve into how AI may be used to make the threat more intelligent to avoid being discovered. 

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