WEBINAR: Enabling Presto In The Cloud, To Handle Massive Scale At Lightening Speed

This webinar explores the evolution of Presto in the midst of the ongoing evolution and modernisation in the big data eco-system and focuses on how you can leverage open-source improvements and add-ons built to enable Presto to handle massive scale.
Andrew Martin, Group Publisher of Asia Online Publishing Group (AOPG) starts off the webinar by sharing stats from some of the surveys that AOPG had done related to big data and analytics implementations by businesses in the ASEAN region.
He then turns the presentation over to Ashish Dubey - Head of Solution Architects (APAC, EMEA, Qubole), who addresses the following topics:
•    The state of Presto today, including adoption trends by leading enterprises
•    Big data autoscaling to handle common pain points e.g. workload burstiness (and why traditional autoscaling doesn’t fit the bill)
•    Decoupling storage and compute to handle scale (and avoid common challenges such as Object store API throttling)
•    RubiX - the next-generation column level optimised caching on Presto, for lightning fast big data analytics on cloud storage
Ashish also talks about the optimisations in terms of performance, reliability and security that have contributed to making Presto a first class tool in the cloud today.
We hope you find the webinar informational, useful and enjoyable.

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