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SNIA formalizes Software Defined Network standards

The Software Networking Industry Association has released an official white paper formalizing Software Defined Storage. Below is the extract. Software Defined Storage (SDS) has been proposed (ca....

Paul Talbut From SNIA talks at Cloud Expo Asia 2014

Paul Talbut from SNIA South Asia at Cloud Expo Asia 2014 discusses why SNIA is relevant in Cloud Computing.

The Value of Storage Certification

Recent research on IT skills and pay has revealed that the economic climate in the US has impacted the type of skills that employers look for, and the level of remuneration that is associated with...

The challenges of data storage administrators in South Asia

P.K. Gupta has over 28 years of IT industry experience the last 15 years of which have been in the area of storage management hardware and software. He is currently vice chairman of SNIA South Asia....

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