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August 23, 2018

Zerto Survey Reveals Digital Transformation Means Business Disruption for 92% of Asia Companies

Editor's Note:

Digital Transformation Means Business Disruption for 92% of Asia Companies
New research by IDC and commissioned by Zerto showed that 9 out of 10 Asian companies have experienced a technology-related business disruption in the last 2 years. 1/3rd of all Asian companies stated that this disruption had led directly to lost customers during this time.
Zerto is one of the companies that has been pushing the boundaries of how we make the tech that supports our business more resilient and recoverable.
We are already seeing that as business genuinely go through digital transformation, adopting to data-driven business models, embracing cloud-first strategies and introducing more apps at a greater speed to support workforce enablement the rules of how we protect and cover data and application are on a fast track change.
The stats in the survey show two crucial points for IT teams to understand.  First, as we enhance new technology the disruptive events don’t go away, and secondly but perhaps most important, customers are becoming less understanding and tolerant of disruption to business than they ever have before. If we can believe this survey, this seems to be truer in Asia than anywhere else in the globe.
The message is straightforward, its time to review your protection, recovery and resilience technologies!

Press release as follows:

Nearly half of respondents (49 percent) from the Asia Pacific (APAC) region suffered an unrecoverable data event in the last three years with 40 percent of these respondents experiencing a greater direct loss of revenue from tech related disruptions, according to the findings of an IDC global white paper, commissioned by Zerto, State of IT Resilience.
The IDC Research surveyed 500 senior-level IT and business managers from over 10 unique industries and companies of all sizes and geographies about the challenges to achieve IT resiliency and its importance to digital transformation and included respondents from Australia and Singapore.
While the majority of businesses surveyed have a cloud, digital transformation or modernisation project already planned for the next two years, these same businesses rate themselves as immature on resilience objectives. This gap highlights the current demands on IT teams who are being tasked with cloud and modernisation projects even as they struggle to keep pace with basic protection and recovery. The survey results validate that only with resilient operations can businesses mitigate the risk of downtime and focus on projects that drive transformation.
Key findings from the research include:
Businesses are putting themselves at risk
For organisations that experienced technology-related disruptions in the last two years, the consequences were significant.

  • Up to 92 percent of APAC businesses have experienced a technology-related business disruption in the past two years.
  • Permanent customer loss as a result of the disruption also impacted 32 percent of APAC respondents.
  • More APAC respondents (25 percent) reported experiencing major damage to their reputation from tech related disruptions compared to their North American and EMEA counterparts at 18 percent and 19 percent respectively.
  • A whopping 47 percent of Asian respondents reported experiencing disruptive customer demands/requirements as opposed to 28 percent of respondents from North America and 32 percent from EMEA 

This risk is only going to become larger as disasters encompass broader categories of disruption, including malicious attacks.

  • Up to 78 percent of APAC organisations have experienced a malicious attack in the past 12 months.
    • Of this group, 82 percent have succumbed to an attack with 42 percent having suffered five or more data corrupting events.
  • APAC organisation (75 percent) also suffered the highest number of email phishing attacks compared to North American respondents (65 percent) and EMEA respondents (66 percent).

Strong uptake of new technologies in APAC
The APAC region led the way in the adoption of new technologies.

  • Among APAC respondents, 37 percent and 51 percent reported that digital transformation and data protection modernisation respectively were key IT priorities for them for the next twelve months.
  • This was compared to just 30 percent of North American respondents and 29 percent of EMEA respondents for digital transformation and 42 percent of North American respondents and 37 percent of EMEA respondents for data protection modernisation.
  • APAC businesses also led the way in the deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) within their organisation with 51 percent of APAC respondents currently doing this compared to 36 percent of their North American counterparts and 32 percent of their EMEA counterparts.

Ensuring that the entire IT infrastructure is resilient will be critical for business success and for completion of transformation, modernisation and cloud projects.
IT resilience spending and training will increase
IT resilience needs to be a key strategic priority for any forward-thinking organisation and data protection needs to be top of mind for organisations in this resilience effort.

  • More than 43 percent of APAC businesses expect the complexity of data protection to increase, and having multiple tools only enhances this complexity.
  • To meet this growing complexity, 85 percent of APAC respondents plan to hire and/or train more staff, and 94 percent expect to spend more on IT resilience in the next 24 months.
  • Cloud was also highlighted as an essential part of IT resilience, as cloud-based data protection was the highest-rated IT initiative over the next 12 months.

For more insights from the IDC White Paper, State of IT Resilience study read the full paper here https://www.zerto.com/page/the-state-of-it-resilience-report-2018/.