2020 Press Releases

October 16, 2020

Zerto Looking to Disrupt the Backup Industry Yet Again

Editor’s comment: While cloud data management and protection vendor Zerto seemed to have undergone a major restructure especially for the APAC market at the start of the year, they’re far from out far from out for the count. They’re still selling via partners in the ASEAN market, and this week, they have made a couple of big announcements on additional features and capabilities they can now offer customers.

Innovative backup and recovery products were always Zerto’s forte, but competitors didn’t waste time to catch up to what they were offering. Now they’re looking to disrupt the market again, with what looks like a true alternative to traditional backup. They are saying that with this new data protection solution, you could throw out backup software and use them for backup and DR.

If they have really achieved this – then depending on pricing, they may have a very disruptive new foothold in the backup market.

The full press release is as follows:

Zerto Launches New Data Protection Solution; Marks Significant Change to the Backup Industry
Zerto has launched Zerto Data Protection (ZDP), which displaces traditional backup with Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for all applications. By offering a new, cost-effective backup solution, Zerto is bringing the power of its award-winning CDP to all applications, at a much lower TCO.

“At Zerto, we have always worked with our customers to deliver backup and data protection solutions that align with their enterprise IT infrastructure strategies,” commented Gil Levonai, CMO and senior vice president of product, Zerto. “As the pioneers of CDP, our customers have experienced the many benefits of continuous data protection and asked us to utilise it also for their lower tier workloads. We listened and are now delivering a new offering that I personally believe will change the backup market – an industry that hasn’t evolved in more than 30 years. ZDP gives businesses a data protection strategy for all of their applications, with significant TCO savings tailored to their unique needs.”

Zerto Data Protection (ZDP) delivers 50% TCO savings by reducing hardware needs, enabling recovery of data without downtime or data loss, and is priced for backup use cases.
ZDP delivers:

  • Local Continuous Backup for day-to-day backup restores – Local journaling technology allows you to recover without the data loss, downtime, or production impact that are inherent to traditional backup solutions ensuring business continuity and availability.

  • Long-term retention on-premises or in the public cloud – Required for compliance and regulatory demands where data needs to be stored for months and years, data is incrementally copied from the journal into cost-effective storage on-premises or in the public cloud with Microsoft Azure and AWS, driving cost optimisation and the elimination of problematic backup windows. Long-term retention is about adhering to compliance requirements while optimising costs.

“Continuous Data Protection is an important part of an organisation’s data protection strategy,” said Maura Hameroff, director, Azure marketing,  Microsoft Corp. “Zerto is meeting the performance requirements of Azure’s diverse users by delivering a cost-effective solution optimised for individual needs.”

“Ensuring our public services and data are available 24/7 despite planned or unplanned IT disruptions is critical to the success and well-being of Grey County residents,” said Evan Davis, technology and infrastructure manager,  Grey County. “With the Zerto platform we’ve been able to achieve a much stronger data protection strategy with greater agility within Azure, while significantly reducing capital and operational costs. Zerto gives us the ability to completely automate recovery while achieving RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes. We’re also very excited to gain the capability of long-term retention of data in Azure for our compliance needs.”

Also Announced: Zerto 8.5 with Backup to Public Cloud and Support for Additional Cloud Platforms
In a separate announcement during its “New World. New Backup” launch event, Zerto spoke about the release of Zerto 8.5 with new cloud capabilities. Zerto 8.5 offers backup to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) directly from on-premises deployments for long-term retention of data and VMware on public cloud support for Azure VMware Solution (AVS), Google Cloud VMware Engine, and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. These additional cloud capabilities deliver new public cloud disaster recovery (DR) and data protection for complete infrastructure flexibility to customers.

“We continue to extend our platform to provide the greatest choice for our customers as they pursue their journey to the public cloud,” commented Gil Levonai, CMO and senior vice president of product, Zerto. “The new functionality in Zerto 8.5 allows our customers to use our platform in a multitude of scenarios –- from disaster recovery and backup to using the cloud for production workloads. By utilising Zerto’s platform, customers not only get choice but also flexibility all at a lower TCO.”

“Because of cybersecurity threats always looming on the horizon, we are constantly seeking innovative ways to protect our critical applications and data in order to maintain business operations for our loyal customer base,” said Rick Williams, IT manager, Interstate Plastics. “If our Point of Sale (POS) system goes down, we would not be able to run our organisation properly and deliver services to our customers. By leveraging Zerto, we are adding an extra layer of protection.”

Zerto 8.5 introduces:

During today’s event, Zerto also previewed a new in-cloud data protection and disaster recovery offering on AWS, which protects applications across regions for true cloud-native resilience. Zerto will extend its platform to offer unparalleled simplicity and orchestration across all use cases, whether for businesses requiring a recent data restore due to user error or disaster recovery from an infrastructure outage, cloud-first businesses, or businesses just starting their cloud journey.

“Zerto allows our customers to leverage the benefits of Azure VMware Solution as a disaster recovery target for their mission critical workloads,” said Maura Hameroff, director, Azure marketing, Microsoft Corp. “Solutions like Zerto bring a simplicity of data protection and DR offerings to enterprises that are looking to accelerate their cloud adoption. By replicating and protecting VMs both into the cloud and within the cloud, they experience the same smooth workflow previously experienced on premises.”

Manvinder Singh, director, partnerships, Google Cloud said, “Running Zerto’s platform with Google Cloud VMware Engine simplifies the process of leveraging Google Cloud as a DR target with integrated networking and higher levels of security. Not only can Zerto’s customers leverage their investment in VMware tools and processes, but they also benefit from Google Cloud VMware Engine’s 99.99% availability, fully redundant, and dedicated 100 Gbps networking hardware and a platform that provides native access to Google Cloud services.”

“Zerto’s implementation on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution enables our mutual enterprise customers to migrate their VMware-based workloads to the cloud at a global scale,” said Clive D’Souza, general manager and senior director of migration services, Oracle. “It offers complete control using familiar tools and proven IT best practices to migrate on-premises VMware workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure without rearchitecting applications or retooling operations. That level of flexibility is a key capability of a holistic cloud data management and protection solution.”