2021 Press Releases

June 09, 2021

Wehelpyou Introduces the Concept of Digital Orchestrator, Provides Delivery Service in Indonesia

PT Solusi Layanan Digital through their mobile application called Wehelpyou introduced the concept of Digital Service Orchestrator in Indonesia. Has been operating since 2019, Wehelpyou launched their new features called Wehelpyou Eat and Sell.

"Through Wehelpyou Eat and Sell, we are dedicated to providing a platform for the development of small and medium businesses to be able to meet new potential customers. These have always been Wehelpyou's main focus since the surge of small and medium businesses in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic," Ryo Limijaya, Chief Commercial Officer of Wehelpyou opens.

Carrying the concept of one application for all needs from product delivery, food, and other goods, Wehelpyou asserts its existence as an application-based digital service provider.

"We have a dream to make all digital services that are already easy, even easier. The development of information technology allows us to create new business models, which is business to business for customers. That is what we do at Wehelpyou," said Muhamad Noor Sutrisno, Founder & CEO of Wehelpyou.

Through the Digital Orchestrator concept, Wehelpyou continues to expand its partnership to provide the best delivery services for its users. Collaboration with the delivery partners also aims to provide various features and services. GrabExpress, MrSpeedy, Westbike Messenger, TIKI, and Lalamove are collaborations done to provide delivery features such as instant and same day. Meanwhile, to expand the delivery network outside Jakarta, Wehelpyou collaborates with TIKI, JNE, Ninja Xpress, and SiCepat.

This collaboration gains a warm welcome from partners through their shared vision which to simplify daily life by providing solutions, affordability, and convenience, both for customers and partners and continuing to keep up with the latest trends and situations. Online shopping trends that keep changing require delivery service companies to remain dynamic and creating innovations. These also attract partners to collaborate with Wehelpyou as a company that continues to be open to innovation.

"With online shopping trends that keep changing, we feel that having a dynamic partner is very important in developing delivery services. This is what we see in Wehelpyou, so we can continue to provide the best services that suit the needs of the community," said Andreas Sugian, Head of Business Development from LALAMOVE

Not only Lalamove, GrabExpress as one of the partners of Wehelpyou also said that this collaboration is considered very efficient. "Our ongoing collaboration with Wehelpyou allows us to create efficiency, productivity, and ease of mobility for the logistics needs of the Indonesian people. We want to be the on-demand delivery service of choice for governments, consumers, and online sellers across the archipelago. Through Wehelpyou, people will have access to GrabExpress which provides fast and reliable logistics services. At the same time, we also continue to optimise revenue opportunities for our Driver, delivery, and merchant partners," concluded Tyas Widyastuti, Director of 2-Wheels & Logistics, Grab Indonesia.

Almiranti Fira (Instagram: @almirantifira), an Instagram-based online business owner who is known as Fira also stated that choosing a delivery service for her delivery need is quite important because it is one of the ways an online business meets its customers. There are other points to pay attention to when choosing a delivery service, including the affordability of the shipping costs offered. According to Fira, this point is important because it affects the number of daily deliveries that can be made.

"The trend now is that people order to arrive on the same day. These are because many people want to experience the online shopping experience but do not want to wait long to be able to use the purchased items," Fira explained. "As a seller, of course, we want our customers to get the best experience when shopping, so that apart from the quality of the products we offer must be the best, but also how the products can arrive and be well received by customers," concluded Fira.