2021 Press Releases

November 19, 2021

VMware Cross-Cloud Services Enable Customers to Run Their Businesses More Effectively in AWS

VMware, Inc. has made it easier for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to buy and deploy VMware Cross-Cloud services to support their AWS environments. VMware Cross-Cloud services assist AWS customers in driving digital innovation while maintaining enterprise control.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud and VMware Tanzu are the most recent services added to the AWS Marketplace, a digital catalogue with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that makes it simple for customers to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on AWS.

VMware Cross-Cloud services offer distinct advantages to both IT operators and developers working in AWS. These advantages include accelerating application modernisation, migrating workloads faster to the cloud, adopting a cloud operating model for their entire organisation, and connecting a distributed workforce to cloud-based resources more securely and efficiently.

“Whether a customer has transitioned their business to run entirely in AWS or has a mixed environment of AWS and VMware vSphere, VMware Cross-Cloud services gives them the freedom and enterprise control they need to innovate and win,” said Vittorio Viarengo, vice president, cross-cloud solutions, VMware. “Our expanded presence in AWS Marketplace is another proof point of our focus on meeting customers where they are at by delivering value for the strategic cloud environment of their choice.”

“The addition of VMware Cross-Cloud services in AWS Marketplace brings VMware’s portfolio of solutions to both developers and infrastructure and operations professionals who are building apps and operating their businesses in AWS,” said Mona Chadha, Director, AWS Marketplace Category Management, AWS. “Our mutual customers can streamline procurement and accelerate adoption of VMware Cross-Cloud services, leading to faster time-to-value and better business outcomes.”
Advancing App Modernization and DevSecOps with VMware Tanzu
VMware Tanzu (marketplace listing) is a modular application platform for developing, deploying, and managing modern AWS and hybrid cloud infrastructure applications. Tanzu offers a consistent experience for both developers and operators, allowing them to navigate the complexities of modern apps and Kubernetes while increasing efficiencies and scale. Tanzu is built around an upstream-aligned Kubernetes distribution that is simple to use and maintain, with Cluster API for deploying and updating clusters. As an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner, customers can leverage the expert services of VMware Tanzu Labs to work side by side with teams to build capabilities and instill processes that show immediate and lasting impact. With Tanzu, AWS customers benefit from:

  • Developer self-service access to clusters, along with a standardised, more secure build model for creating and maintaining containers.

  • Fleet-wide policy management for pod access, networking, and security enabling simultaneous policy application to hundreds of Kubernetes clusters wherever they’re running, as well as to a particular namespace that is common across multiple different Kubernetes clusters.

  • Full-stack observability capable of performing at more than a million data points per second to enable faster troubleshooting and smart alerting of potential anomalies across all clusters and the workloads running within them.

Enabling Consistent and Unified Enterprise Security with VMware Carbon Black Cloud
VMware Carbon Black Cloud (marketplace listing) is a cloud-native endpoint, workload, and container protection platform that enables customers to operationalise consistent, modern security in AWS and hybrid cloud environments. By analysing more than one trillion security events per day(1) VMware Carbon Black Cloud proactively uncovers attackers’ behaviour patterns and empowers defenders to respond and remediate in real-time from anywhere in the world. Endpoint, workload, and container security capabilities are unified into one console and one agent so that infrastructure and infosec teams have a single, shared source of truth to improve security together. With VMware Carbon Black Cloud, AWS customers benefit from:

  • Cloud-native endpoint security that combines prevention and automated detection to defend organisations from the full spectrum of today’s sophisticated attacks.

  • Advanced workload protection for the modern data centre, designed to improve the security of workloads running in virtualised, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

  • Enterprise-grade container security that provides continuous visibility, enhanced security, and compliance for containerised applications in AWS and private cloud environments from development to production.

Transforming Cloud Management with CloudHealth
CloudHealth (marketplace listingis a robust cloud management platform that helps AWS customers simplify cloud financial management, streamline cloud operations, and improve cross-organisational collaboration. AWS customers can leverage VMware’s deep insight and experience in public cloud management to grow their own cloud expertise using a proven framework to progress through their cloud management maturity journey. With CloudHealth, AWS customers benefit from:

  • Faster decision making through alignment of cloud data with business context and access to custom reports and dashboards tailored to each business function, team, or project.

  • Better resource utilisation and cost optimisation through actionable recommendations for rightsizing AWS services and managing Reserved Instances and Savings Plans.

  • More efficient cloud operations by implementing governance policies to proactively alert and take automated actions within an AWS environment.

“We really love the visibility CloudHealth provides for being able to have a single pane of glass into our AWS spend and sharing reporting across teams,” said James Fogerson, senior manager of the Cloud Center of Excellence for Robert Half. “Senior management really appreciates our focus on cost management with AWS and keeping people on track for managing spend. The reports we can generate are a good way to make sure the team is aware of where the costs are going and agree that those should be the main drivers.”
Improving Cloud & Kubernetes Security Posture with CloudHealth Secure State
CloudHealth Secure State (marketplace listing) is an intelligent cloud native security and compliance platform that helps organisations protect millions of cloud resources at scale. Using a resource relationship-based cloud data model, CloudHealth Secure State improves security visibility with real-time inventory search, advanced risk correlation, and more than 950 best practices rules to report security and compliance violations. With CloudHealth Secure State, AWS customers can:

  • Reduce misconfigurations and prioritise threats with visual risk context and a more secure auto-remediation approach.

  • Increase compliance with industry standards with out-of-the-box benchmarks and enterprise customisations.

  • Operationalise a cloud security program through better collaboration between developers, security, and operations team.

“CloudHealth Secure State provides us with a global view of Discovery’s cloud estate and enables us to operate more securely in AWS,” said Johan Marais, senior platform services manager, Discovery Group. “We can visualise real-time risks due to infrastructure deployments or configuration changes in our AWS environment, and based on various metrics and guard rails, delivers a mechanism to auto-remediate policy violations and improve our AWS security posture. Additionally, the CloudHealth Secure State platform makes it easy to measure compliance against predefined governance frameworks as well as custom frameworks critical to our organisation.”
Cloud-Native Load Balancing and Web Security with VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer
VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (marketplace listing) is a modern, stand-alone application services platform for public cloud or on-premises deployments. The software-defined platform includes local and global load balancing, a Web Application Firewall (WAF), and container ingress services. NSX Advanced Load Balancer natively integrates with AWS to provide central orchestration of a distributed load balancing and application security fabric, powerful analytics and visibility that helps administrators troubleshoot in seconds, and elastic on-demand scaling of services across data centres and clouds. With NSX Advanced Load Balancer, AWS customers can:

  • Simplify application delivery operations with central orchestration, elastic scale, and cloud-native integration across clouds and on-premises environments.

  • Automate load balancing, autoscaling, container ingress, and application security to facilitate self-service capabilities for app teams.

  • Pinpoint application performance and security issues with powerful insights covering more than 700 application networking parameters.

Delivering More Secure and Consistent Access to Apps with VMware SASE
VMware SASE (marketplace listing) integrates SD-WAN with cloud-delivered security functions such as cloud web security, zero-trust network access, and firewalling. These capabilities are provided as a service from a global network of points of presence in both near and far edge locations (PoPs). AWS customers can use VMware SASE to simplify, manage, and automate WAN infrastructure across thousands of locations, allowing them to better support distributed workforces. With VMware SASE, AWS customers benefit from:

  • Scalable and easy-to-deploy and more secure remote access for applications running in AWS and AWS Outposts.

  • Consistent, reliable application delivery to mobile clients, branches, and campuses under virtually any network condition.

  • Better business resiliency through network transport independence and actionable and automated insights on network health and app delivery