2020 Press Releases

July 22, 2020

Vertiv Launches Data Centre Management Platform to Help Businesses Achieve Operational Resilience in Asia

Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, announced the launch of the Trellis™ Smart InfraSight, a web-based, next-generation data centre management software that provides added intelligence in managing multiple IT assets. The Smart InfraSight, which will be available in Asia starting July, is targeted for small to medium-sized businesses that are managing multiple branches or edge locations across different geographical locations.
TTrellis Smart InfraSight integrates environmental and infrastructure data gathered from up to 200 Liebert® RDU-A devices on a single dashboard, bridging the critical gap between a data centre’s IT equipment and facilities infrastructure. The Trellis Smart InfraSight can easily consolidate data on power usage, temperature, humidity and HD video streams across multiple IT assets within minutes.
“With recent upheavals accelerating change in how we work, access to resources and data centre sites can no longer be taken for granted,” said Wesley Lim, senior director for IT and Management Systems, Vertiv in Asia Pacific. “For data centres to be operationally resilient enough to withstand unexpected events, you need reliable access to your data centre infrastructure and servers. This is where Trellis Smart InfraSight comes in.”
Vertiv combines engineered gateway appliances with the Trellis™ Smart InfraSight software and professional services as a platform to protect the data centre investment by alerting users anywhere in the world when there is a problem, allowing for corrective actions to be taken quickly and with more helpful information.
Enhanced security features also include alarm management, video surveillance and door access control features that allow for easier remote management for personnel who are unable to go to the site.