2018 Press Releases

December 19, 2018

Veeam replaces DKSH Corporate's Legacy Backup Solution

 DKSH Corporate Shared Services Centre (DKSH), a leading Market Expansion Services Provider, has replaced its legacy data protection solution with Veeam Software, the leader in Intelligent Data Management for the Hyper-Available EnterpriseTM. DKSH needed a solution that catered to a widely dispersed business, with two data centres and more than 15,000 users in offices and virtual presences across the world.

In order to achieve a higher level of systems and data availability, DKSH needed a scalable and robust solution for their 700+ VMs, with a total of 50TB of data. With locations in 20 countries and an environment that is 95% virtualized, bringing all DKSH’s applications and data stores to one centrally managed location was hugely beneficial; backup could then be performed across any business region or office, regardless of the size, time zone or IT issue involved.
Veeam® Backup & Replication™ became the fulcrum in DKSH’s strategy to standardize global operations. Veeam was able to offer more advanced features and functionality compared to the legacy solution and allowed DKSH to centralize and manage its global operations. The year-on-year running cost of Veeam was 60% lower than the company’s previous solution, resulting in a huge financial savings for the company.
Veeam also gave DKSH the flexibility to move to a cloud-based availability solution in the future.
Veeam’s ease of management and deployment, and the efficiency of bringing users up to speed on how it works has transformed the company’s backup and recovery function. Now, DKSH can monitor, roll out and manage updates and its availability systems according to global policies.  DKSH’s recovery time objective (RTO) with Veeam has really made a difference, reducing restoration times by 270%. With faster recovery of critical systems back to a usable state, time and financial losses were minimized.
“Our old system used to take five hours, for a standard size VM, as it recovered the whole system to allow us to recover the data we wanted. With Veeam, it directly accessed the files we needed from the dataset,” said Sunthar Maniam, Senior Director, Group IT Infrastructure of DKSH. “Veeam is effective, it’s a future-proof solution with user-friendly features and functionalities. It supports our uptime and recovery services to customers, improving our sales efficiency.”
“At Veeam, we work hard to ensure customers are provided with effective and easy to manage data availability solutions,” said Effendy Ibrahim, Vice President for Asia, Veeam Software. “DKSH’s need to partner with Veeam, is evidence to the growing need for more robust intelligent data management solutions and Veeam is proud to cater to this.”