2021 Press Releases

May 10, 2021

Varnish Software Publishes Varnish 6 by Example

Varnish Software announced the launch of Varnish 6 by Example, a comprehensive guide to using Varnish 6 caching technology. The book takes a practical approach to Varnish 6 and covers both the open-source Varnish Cache 6 and the commercial software, Varnish Enterprise 6. It is updated to include the latest features and functionality, but also goes far beyond a previous iteration, The Varnish Book, emphasising the importance of content delivery strategy and edge-side decision making. As well as a freshly strategic, use case-focused approach, it adds tutorials for popular Varnish Enterprise applications, such as OTT streaming, private CDN deployments and 5G edge computing.

Besides IT and DevOps practitioners, Varnish 6 by Example is useful for decision-makers and operations engineers, providing an all-encompassing approach towards scaling and accelerating web operations with Varnish, while keeping operating expenses manageable. The variety of examples and use cases featured in the book also show how to use Varnish’s caching capabilities to enhance multiple business areas.

The tone and scope of the book make it suitable for readers new to Varnish as well as those already experienced with the Varnish ecosystem, covering everything from HTTP caching basics to advanced caching techniques and building enterprise content delivery networks. Readers will also learn how to use Varnish Configuration Language (VCL), the built-in edge computing language, and tailor the behaviour of Varnish to the specific needs of their web applications: from modifying request and response information, defining caching rules, to full-blown edge computing. In addition, Varnish 6 by Example covers the operational side of Varnish and tools for monitoring, logging, high availability, security, and persistent storage.

Thijs Feryn, Varnish 6 By Example author, said “This book takes a deep dive into the technical features of Varnish and then goes further: it encourages readers to rethink their content delivery strategy and emphasizes the importance of decision-making on the edge. It's packed with examples, making abstract content delivery concepts more tangible and relatable, so you're ready to use Varnish in the wild."

Lars Larsson, Varnish Software CEO, Varnish Software, said “Varnish 6 By Example is the essential guide for all things Varnish and demonstrates the power of our pioneering caching technology. By applying what you have learned in the book, you’ll level up your Varnish skills and create tremendous and lasting value for your organisation and your web service, whether it’s accelerating page load times, unlocking edge computing capabilities, lowering operational costs or building a powerful private CDN.”