2021 Press Releases

September 07, 2021

Tencent Cloud Launches First Internet Data Centre in Indonesia

Following Tencent Cloud's first Internet Data Centre (IDC) launch in Indonesia, local businesses across industries and fields have shown significant interest in utilising the industry-leading cloud offerings the new infrastructure has brought about in the region. On top of the services already being provided by the first data centre, a second IDC in the country is also set to be put in place by the end of 2021, marking the first time Tencent Cloud has established two IDCs in one market within the same year.

Tencent Cloud is Tencent's cloud computing division. Tencent is a world-leading internet value-added services provider with a strong focus on games, audio and video technologies, and FinTech services. Tencent Cloud is poised to provide Indonesian customers with high-performing, easy-to-maintain, intelligent, and flexible cloud services, leveraging Tencent's 20+ years of experience in technological innovation, a strong infrastructure foundation, and an extensive global content delivery network:

Digital Assistant in Financial Services Industry
Tencent Cloud has provided significant support for the financial services industry, with products and solutions like the financially certificated distributed database TDSQL, eKYC, OCR, and other AI technologies. Indonesian institutions such as Bank Neo Commerce and Bank Mega also incorporated TDSQL into their core system. This upgraded database constructed by Tencent Cloud will help address the challenges of digital transformation in Indonesia's financial services industry, including insufficient data architecture, high-frequency transactions and data security, among other factors.  
Media Solutions for All Industries
Livestreaming and video solutions are now widely used tools by various sectors such as social, pan-entertainment and live shows, OTT sports, gaming, e-commerce, education and financial services. Tencent Cloud has reached 90% of the audio and video customers in China and has provided complete video processing capabilities and various solutions in different areas. In Indonesia, GOX, the first Indonesia gaming live streaming platform, has started leveraging Tencent Cloud's industry-leading streaming service and content delivery network to offer low latency, seamless and stable gaming content to millions of viewers in Indonesia and worldwide. Brands' and companies' customer engagement strategies, many of which involved Tencent Cloud's solutions such as Live Video Broadcasting (LVB)Video on Demand (VOD); and Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC), have helped maintain a high level of engagement with their target audiences, such as the 127th, 128th and 129th China Import and Export Fair, Paris Fashion Week and the Global Tourism Economy Forum, among many others. 
Game Solutions
Tencent Cloud also fits the bill for game developers looking for a high-quality cloud services platform with ultra-low latency, smooth sound quality, and anti-cheat measures. Some of its key game solutions include Game Multimedia Engine (GME), Game Server Elastic-scaling (GSE), Anti-Cheat Expert (ACE) and more. 

Apart from its clients, Tencent Cloud also highlights how the company values its local partners, demonstrated in its work with Indonesian organisations such as Astrindo Starvision to promote cloud solutions in Indonesia and introduce its services to more enterprises in the country.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International, said, "Tencent Cloud's IDC in Indonesia has truly begun to shape the country's move to further digitalisation, which is evident in the growing number of clients, businesses and organisations that are achieving success through our high-quality products and services. Through Tencent Cloud's safe, secure and reliable solutions as well as our invaluable experience across different industry sectors and industries, we look forward to working closely with our local partners and helping the country accelerate its digital transformation, which will be further boosted by putting a second IDC by the end of the year." 

Tencent Cloud's IDC in Indonesia attained certifications proving its high-level safety and security standards, including the Uptime Institute Tier III - Design & Facility, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, and Indonesian national standard SNI, with 24/7 security and infrastructure support.
Tencent Cloud is a public cloud service provider that combines Tencent's infrastructure-building capabilities with the benefits of its massive user platform and ecosystem. Tencent Cloud provides governments and organisations that require advanced infrastructure and a resilient environment, such as those in the online gaming, live broadcast, and financial services sectors, with global access and a diverse set of services.