2018 Press Releases

August 17, 2018

Talend Unveils Bulk Data Uploader to Enable Large-Scale, Real-Time Analytics on Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Talend unveiled a new bulk data uploader for Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, which helps empower thousands of users across an organization with a fast, flexible and secure cloud data warehouse. Available in its recently announced Talend Cloud Summer '18, the connector helps rapidly ingest massive data volumes to Azure SQL Data Warehouse, so customers can reap the performance and scalability benefits of the cloud without needing to move source systems. Talend also supports Azure SQL Data Warehouse orchestration and management.

"Data warehousing is really about bringing massive amounts of diverse data into one definitive, trusted source for analytics and reporting that is accessible across an organization. In this increasingly cloud-centric, on-demand world, businesses are expecting to perform fast, large-scale analytics at a fraction of the cost and resources required by traditional data warehouses," said Rob Cornell, Head of Technology Alliances, Talend. "We're pleased to continue our support of Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse with our new connector that helps customers accelerate and scale the ingestion, management, orchestration, and governance of data in the cloud, making real-time business analytics a reality."

Forrester Research indicates the market for big data services in the cloud will grow by almost 40 percent annually through 2021. Additionally, a recent Forrester survey found organizations that moved to Azure SQL Data Warehouse saw significant increases in performance, with streamlined data warehouse management, while lowering their costs.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a cloud analytics platform that separates storage and compute to give unique flexibility in deploying a solution for a user's specific business requirements. This also allows users to stop and start job execution while keeping data storage persistent. As a result, the solution ensures customers pay only for compute time and resources used. The recently released Compute Optimized Gen2 tier also adds a layer of intelligent, adaptive data caching using fast, non-volatile SSDs, which increases query performance up to five times compared to the previous generation, with up to four times the number of concurrent queries. Add to that mix the new Talend Data Fabric bulk data uploader, and customers get a scalable solution for performing high-speed analytics on current data without the cloud migration headache.

Talend's new bulk data uploader for the Microsoft Azure SQL Data warehouse Gen2 helps organizations:

  • Load data into an Azure SQL Data Warehouse table from either Azure Blob Storage or Azure Data Lake Store

  • Commit a global transaction in one go rather than on every row or every batch; therefore, providing gains in performance

  • Cancel the committed transaction in the Azure SQL Data Warehouse to prevent partial transactions if an error occurs

  • Execute SQL queries on an Azure SQL Data Warehouse

"With its comprehensive data integration and management capabilities, plus its robust support for Azure data services, Talend is an essential Microsoft partner," said Bharat Sandhu, Director, Analytics & AI, Microsoft. "The impressive performance and compelling economics of combining our Azure SQL Data Warehouse with Talend's fast data uploader, represents a powerful solution for any organization looking to leverage the power of the cloud to perform business analytics at scale."