2018 Press Releases

August 21, 2018

StorageCraft introduces OneXafe – disrupts data protection and data management market

StorageCraft®, whose mission is to protect all data and ensure its constant availability, today announced OneXafeÔ, a ground-breaking converged data platform that eliminates storage and data protection silos, blurs the lines between primary and secondary storage and scales out seamlessly to help manage explosive data growth.
OneXafe delivers much-needed relief to the vast number of mid-sized and fast-growth organizations struggling with data management, data protection and the risk of downtime.
Designed specifically for mid-sized organisations, OneXafe is a converged scale-out storage and data protection platform for both physical and virtual environments. It delivers comprehensive storage and data protection services in a single, integrated and easy-to-use solution with seamless integration to DRaaS. Unlike Veeam and other software-only backup products, StorageCraft's OneXafe provides a complete solution to data protection challenges by integrating primary, secondary and cloud data-management capabilities.
Eric Bodily, systems administrator for Idaho Falls School District, saw the benefits of OneXafe right away: "Our legacy backup system was buckling. It couldn’t keep up with the data growth and lacked VMware integration. We quickly disregarded Veeam and Rubrik as solutions because Veeam only solved half the problem while Rubrik was economically unviable. With StorageCraft’s OneXafe, we can scale data capacity with ease and at unprecedented economics, plus we have the VMware and Volume Shadow Service (VSS) integration we need. We now manage primary and secondary data in a single environment and our entire data infrastructure can be managed, protected and recovered in seconds.”
At the core of OneXafe is StorageCraft’s patented, distributed, object-based file system that is tightly integrated with powerful and flexible data protection services. The file system delivers universal file data access to users and applications. The data protection services with SLA-based policy-driven protection and management provides flexible, reliable and instant recovery. This convergence delivers powerful recovery and optimized work-flow for management simplicity.
"The data protection and recovery software market is expected to continue strong growth through 2021," said Phil Goodwin, research director at IDC. “As businesses suffer the damage inflicted by downtime, they will increasingly embark on ‘the new race to zero’ - near zero RPO and RTO. StorageCraft's OneXafe aims to shift the paradigm of traditional data protection by converging data platforms for primary and secondary storage while integrating data protection. It is a development worth watching closely.”