2018 Press Releases

April 30, 2018

StarWind Releases Free Virtual Tape Library Solution Featuring Object Storage and Public Cloud Storage Support

StarWind, a leading provider of hyperconverged infrastructure, high-performance storage, and backup solutions presents its new Virtual Tape Library (VTL) solution. StarWind VTL is designed for organizations who are looking to break their dependency on costly tape backup process while meeting the regulatory data archival and retention requirements.

Replacing physical tape backup process with on-premises Virtual Tape Libraries with cloud and object storage tiers delivers significant benefits:

  1. Security and cost-efficiency: VTL eliminates manual backup process by shipping Virtual Tapes to any cost-efficient cloud and object storage using commodity ethernet.

  2. Ransomware protection: ransomware doesn’t know how to address data stored on tapes.
    Enterprise-grade scalability: StarWind VTL scales capacity using object storage like HGST ActiveScale, Cloudian, Fujitsu Eternus, or cloud storage from AWS, Azure, Backblaze, or Wasabi.

  3. Zero-change integration into any backup infrastructure thanks to using tape API, native to any backup software.