2023 Press Releases

October 11, 2023

Rackware Accelerates Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery Through Google Cloud Marketplace

RackWare, a leading innovator in hybrid cloud management solutions, today announced that its RackWare Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. Enterprises now have a fast and easy way to complete cloud migration and disaster recovery projects from any source to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
“Google continues to be a strategic partner and deepening relationship for RackWare,” said RackWare’s CEO, Bryan Gobbett.“ As enterprises embrace hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, they want a fast, easy and cost-effective way to migrate workloads to the cloud, configure disaster recovery and dynamically move applications and data between their hybrid cloud environments. We continue to receive very positive feedback from GCP customers that use RackWare HCP, telling us that what used to take months or weeks can now be done in days or hours.”

Enterprises are migrating more workloads to the cloud as a strategic response to the rapidly evolving business landscape. The shift to the cloud has become an imperative across all industries to improve operational efficiency, productivity, agility and to spur innovation. This strategic move aligns their resources with their evolving needs for business growth, including M&A, to create competitive differentiation and improve customer experiences. Furthermore, shifting to the cloud allows enterprises to move faster and leverage modern technologies, including 5G, AI/ML and IIoT, in new ways to create revenue-generating opportunities. However, commercially available cloud migration tools often are incomplete solutions.

RackWare HCP is an end-to-end solution that enables enterprises to assess an organization’s IT infrastructure resources, migrate workloads to the cloud, configure disaster recovery and dynamically move workloads within a hybrid cloud environment, including private clouds. The platform offers a simple and fully automated deployment architecture without any complex rules for all workflows from any source (including private cloud, public cloud or data center) to any cloud, including GCP. Enterprises can complete cloud migration and disaster recovery projects faster with fewer resources while eliminating errors. The platform includes:

  • RackWare Assess: Enables enterprises to fully automate the process for discovering global IT infrastructure, monitoring and analyzing compute, memory and storage usage and providing right-size recommendations, estimating cloud cost as requirements change, and planning the migration of future workloads.

  • RackWare CloudMotion: Provides secure and non-disruptive one-click server replication of Windows, Linux, Kubernetes or OpenShift from any data center or cloud to any cloud, including GCP, while auto-provisioning data and applications.

  • RackWare CloudProtect: Offers converged disaster recovery and backup that replicates data and applications to any cloud, including GCP, to protect workloads in production. CloudProtect enables everything from single file restores to full server restoration for rapid recovery in case of natural disasters or cyber attacks, such as ransomware.

The Google Cloud Marketplace enables seamless procurement and consolidated billing through a single channel. Through Google Cloud, enterprises can now access RackWare solutions faster, accelerate time-to-value, adhere to regulatory requirements and ensure disaster recovery from anywhere in the world.
To learn more about RackWare Hybrid Cloud Platform, visit www.rackware.com or to sign up for RackWare on Google Cloud Marketplace, visit https://console.cloud.google.com/marketplace/product/rackware-public/rackware-cloud-migration-saas.

About RackWare
RackWare makes data and applications mobile and secure. We empower our customers to run their applications and store their data in any cloud of their choice. Seamless mobility allows our customers to take advantage of cutting-edge services or reduce costs as they become available throughout the cloud universe. And if disaster strikes — either natural or cyber-criminality — our proprietary replication and sync technology has our customers protected. RackWare is based in San Jose, California, with offices in Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, London and Pune, India.