2021 Press Releases

November 25, 2021

Quest Software Introduces Industry-Leading Data Protection Solution Featuring ThinkSystem Hardware, Veeam Backup & Replication, and Quest QoreStor

Quest Software, a global provider of systems management, data protection, and security software, announced the general availability of a new turnkey solution comprised of industry-leading data backup, protection, and management technologies – Lenovo ThinkSystem hardware, Veeam Backup software and Quest QoreStor software – making it easier for channel and end-users to adopt and deploy a tested data protection solution across growing cloud and IT environments.

IDC’s global DataSphere and StorageSphere forecasts show that data creation and replication will have an annual compound data growth of 23 per cent over the 2020-2025 forecast period. Additionally, IDC predicts that “the enterprise DataSphere will grow two times faster than the consumer DataSphere, due to the increasing role of the cloud for storage and consumption”. But as the volume of data grows, this places additional pressure on data protection solutions to optimise and reduce data footprints in both data centres and in the cloud. Key to reducing cost is the ability to shrink the amount of data stored in any location. With the ability to deploy data reduction technologies leveraging native cloud storage, organisations are better equipped to reduce costs and storage usage in a forever expanding data sphere.

“IT organisations are increasingly looking for comprehensive data protection solutions to support their backup, disaster recovery and long-term retention needs,” said Adrian Moir, Senior Product Management Consultant and Technology Strategist at Quest. “To meet this rising demand, this turnkey solution from Lenovo, Veeam and Quest offers end users best-of-breed hardware and software that enables simple, seamless backup, recovery, data deduplication, replication and cloud connection, quickly and at scale. This solution also accelerates backups to reduce risks posed by data loss, slashes backup storage requirements and minimises costs on-premises and in the cloud, empowering users to leverage cloud object storage for long-term data retention.”

As long-term partners, Lenovo, Veeam, and Quest have developed the following joint solution:

  • Ensures the quick backup, recovery, and disaster recovery of mission-critical systems, applications, and data.

  • Reduces backup storage requirements and costs incurred on-premises and in the cloud significantly.

  • Enables use of low-cost cloud object storage for long-term data retention