2019 Press Releases

May 15, 2019

Qlik Drives Transformation to Cloud-First, SaaS-Based Analytics Platform With New Multi-Cloud and Augmented Intelligence Capabilities

Qlik outlined multiple innovations in multi-cloud and augmented intelligence that are establishing Qlik as the leading enterprise, SaaS-based analytics platform company. Built around the core Associative Difference® in its data analytics platform and its cloud-native, Kubernetes-based architecture, Qlik is now able to deliver Qlik Sense® Enterprise exclusively on Qlik Cloud® Services.

This aligns the Qlik® analytics platform with customers’ cloud-first corporate strategies, enabling unparalleled deployment choice and flexibility and a seamless experience for users. It also makes Qlik the leading modern BI and analytics platform vendor to provide broad multi-cloud deployment options, all available under a single subscription licensing model.

“Enterprises want insights at scale throughout their organization and across their ecosystem, and need flexibility and choice when deploying analytics. Qlik is meeting those needs head on with our latest innovations in multi-cloud and augmented intelligence,” said Mike Capone, Qlik CEO. “With our SaaS-based platform, Qlik delivers real-time data and analytics to organizations where and how they need insights, helping them lead with data when solving their most difficult challenges.”

The multi-cloud and augmented intelligence enhancements in the April and June releases of Qlik Sense Enterprise advance the central aspects of Qlik’s vision for the 3rd generation of business intelligence: the democratization of data, augmented intelligence and analytics embedded everywhere. This vision demands that all data be available, requiring a modern cloud-first approach to data discovery and delivery. It enables increased data literacy through technology, augmenting users’ access and consumption of data through the cloud. And it leverages SaaS-first access to applications and data through the cloud to activate analytics from the C-Suite to the edge of an organization.

By democratizing data and making it universally accessible through these models, an enterprise’s analytics strategy can drive insights, improve decision-making and transform the organization.

Multi-Cloud and SaaS-First – The Enterprise Choice for Analytics

Enterprises need an analytics platform that leverages the cloud across the entire organization regardless of where data resides. Unlike many vendors that dictate a cloud strategy based on their agenda instead of their customers, Qlik is the only leading analytics vendor to provide broad, multi-cloud deployment options, all available under a single subscription licensing model.

“Qlik is leading customers’ ability to achieve scale and discover insights that drive significant transformation through our cloud-native, Kubernetes-based architecture,” said Mike Potter, Qlik CTO. “Our unique approach provides the flexibility, elasticity, and portability that modern analytics use cases demand that directly impacts an organization’s ability to leverage data for business results.”

With the latest release of Qlik Sense Enterprise, Qlik now enables users to deploy Qlik Sense Enterprise entirely on Qlik Cloud Services, Qlik’s SaaS environment. Additionally, businesses can choose to deploy Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes in the public or private cloud of their choice. And all deployment options for Qlik Sense Enterprise - including Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows - now work cohesively as part of Qlik’s multi-cloud deployment framework that can be managed as one instance. Customers now truly have cloud analytics choice through a single platform with Qlik.