2020 Press Releases

December 17, 2020

Pure Storage Launches Pure as-a-Service in AWS Marketplace to Improve Cloud Economics

As part of its focus on simplifying hybrid architecture mobility, Pure Storage, the IT pioneer that delivers storage as-a-service in a hybrid world and an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Technology Partner, announced two new offerings to make it easier than ever for enterprises to consume and deploy storage – the availability of Pure as-a-ServiceTM in AWS Marketplace and a new Cloud Block Store Efficiency Guarantee program backed by Pure's promise to reduce cloud storage consumption with no feature trade-offs.

Pure Storage works with AWS to drive applications that run across AWS Regions and AWS Outposts and leverage the agility and innovation of private, edge, SaaS and clouds simultaneously. These announcements are the latest innovations that reinforce how Pure and AWS work together to serve customers' modern data needs.

Pure as-a-Service helps enterprises get the value of cloud economics, operational excellence and an outstanding customer experience in a "pay as you go'' flexible model. This allows organisations to place capacity and performance in locations that make sense to the business, utilising a single unified subscription whether on-premises, in a colocation facility, or in the cloud. AWS customers can now deploy Pure as-a-Service capacity in locations that service cloud, on-premises and edge workloads with availability in AWS Marketplace.

"Customers are looking for flexibility and choice as they procure, store, and manage their data across the enterprise as part of a comprehensive digitisation initiative," said Garth Fort, Director of Product Management, AWS Marketplace, Amazon Web Services, Inc. "We are delighted to welcome Pure Storage to offer our shared customers enhanced flexibility, mobility and consistency between on-premises and edge applications to AWS storage."
"Working with Pure Storage and AWS is an essential part of our business, and today's announcements are a strong demonstration of their value together," said Lance Broderick, Director of Technology Finance and Enterprise Architect, NuSkin. "We can see the power of Pure as-a-Service on the AWS marketplace for our on-prem and edge workloads."

New Cloud Efficiency Guarantee 
Also, Pure's Cloud Efficiency Guarantee program allows customers to take advantage of Cloud Block Store in a risk-free manner with guaranteed cloud operational cost savings. Customers can rely on Pure's Cloud Block Store to achieve specific efficiency gains over and above what they had with cloud-native storage options, backed by Pure as-a-Service credit guarantees. 

"Pure and AWS share a commitment to customer obsession – focused on the cloud principles of agility and flexibility to deliver best of breed technology for customers in our respective areas," said Michael Sotnick, Vice President, Global Alliances, Pure Storage. "Having a hybrid architecture strategy and the right technology partners helps enterprises achieve more than ever in today's environment."

Pure Portfolio and AWS Outposts Ready Designation

  • Pure's unified fast file and object solution, FlashBlade®, achieved the AWS Outposts Ready designation in September. Fully tested and supported, FlashBlade for AWS Outposts delivers a hybrid cloud solution with all-flash performance, cloud scalability and operational simplicity to accelerate modern applications, support cloud-native application development and break down IT silos. This combination is the industry's first portfolio of a modern block, fast file and object storage that is AWS Outposts Ready, ensuring simplified and proven deployment options for customers and partners. 

  • FlashArray recently achieved AWS Outposts Ready designation as part of the AWS Service Ready Program. Pure Storage FlashArray® has been tested for ease of deployment, performance and high availability, and is approved by AWS to run alongside Outposts in customer and partner data centres. Now, FlashArray provides AWS Outposts customers with enterprise-class, 100% NVMe all-flash block storage to address traditional enterprise databases, low latency and local data processing applications on-premises consistent with AWS services, APIs and tools in the cloud.

  • Additionally, Portworx by Pure Storage achieved the AWS Outposts Ready designation enabling Kubernetes applications to run across AWS Regions and AWS Outposts for maximum flexibility.

Portworx by Pure Storage and AWS
Portworx by Pure Storage, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and available in AWS Marketplace, is designed to deliver the benefits of container-granular storage, data protection, data security and capacity management for applications running on Kubernetes. Portworx enables more applications to run on Kubernetes on AWS with the performance, reliability and security of traditional applications. Portworx PX-DR enables up to RPO zero disaster recovery between AWS Availability Zones and AWS Regions, and PX-Autopilot enables customers to achieve flexible consumption of storage on AWS, reducing storage costs.