2020 Press Releases

August 14, 2020

Pure Storage Announces Strategic Partnership with Cohesity to Deliver Rapid Recovery at Scale

Pure Storage, the computing pioneer that delivers storage as a service in a world of many clouds, and Cohesity, the modern data management company that radically simplifies the way businesses save, manage and extract value from their data, announced a strategic partnership bringing Pure FlashRecover ™ to market, Powered by Cohesity. This offering is the industry's first modern solution, jointly designed to meet the most stringent business continuity requirements and provide new possibilities for data-driven businesses.
Due to strong customer demand for an integrated, all-flash data protection solution, Pure and Cohesity formed this partnership enabling customers to easily, quickly and reliably back up and recover their data at scale. The two companies have also formed the partnership at a time when an increasing number of customers are adopting cloud services and seeking protection against ransomware.

Powered by Cohesity, Pure FlashRecover provides all-flash data backup and recovery capabilities that businesses need to quickly recover their data in the event of a disaster or ransomware attack. It enables data protection from "flash to flash to cloud", as well as rapid and independent evolution of processing, throughput and storage capacity for the most efficient use of all resources.

The solution also gives enterprises the ability to sustain their data centre investments and achieve new levels of performance to meet growing demands for recovery capacity down to petabytes. Additionally, the solution provides the ability to reuse backup data for analytics and DevOps, enabling many applications to leverage data stores on FlashBlade ™, the high-performance, unified, and fast file and data platform. 'objects.

“As the current environment has made clear, business continuity is not just about surviving an event, but also allowing your business to thrive in a crisis, regardless of the circumstances,” said Charles Giancarlo , Chairman of the Board and CEO of Pure Storage. "We are delighted to partner with Cohesity to deliver the first fully integrated solution that delivers rapid recovery, and that is designed to ensure the long-term success of any business or organisation."

“We are delighted to partner with Pure to bring to market a solution that incorporates exceptional all-flash capabilities and industry-leading data protection offerings that together bring new insights to customers,” said Mohit Aron , CEO and Founder of Cohesity. “By partnering with Pure, we allow companies to sustain their investments thanks to performance, simplicity and scale, which are based on the strong common conviction of customer obsession and the support it provides. "

By combining Cohesity's data protection software with Pure's unified and fast FlashBlade files and objects platform, the integrated solution provides:

  • Performance:  Backup and restore throughput is up to three times faster than disk-based solutions. It is therefore possible to recover thousands of virtual machines and up to 1 petabyte of data per day to meet large-scale disaster recovery needs.

  • Integration: Pure provides a one-stop shop for purchasing, deployment and support, eliminating the need for customers to go through two vendors. Pure is now a technology partner of Cohesity and the two companies are committed to innovating together.

  • Scalability: computing and storage are separated to allow independent evolution of backup / recovery processing, throughput and storage capacity, for optimal use of resources.

  • Simplicity: Ease of management with cloud integration that enables flash-to-flash-to-cloud backup and recovery, inexpensive public cloud storage for long-term retention and improvements that do not cause disruption. 

As evidenced by their high Net Promoter Score (NPS), achieved by only 1% of B2B companies, Pure and Cohesity share common core values ​​in the areas of innovation and customer obsession.

“As customers of both Pure Storage and Cohesity, we are excited to see the leaders in storage, backup and recovery come together to deliver rapid data availability, recovery and reuse at scale by through a truly integrated experience, ”said Carl Wolcott , CIO of KAI USA . “The speed and performance that Pure brings to us, coupled with the exceptional end-to-end protection of the data we receive from Cohesity, is a perfect union. "

“Data recovery can be especially difficult in today's world, where ransomware attacks proliferate and digital transformation continues to increase the amount of data that needs to be protected,” said Steve McDowell , Analyst principal of storage at Moor Insights & Strategy. “IT decision-makers will welcome this solution. It addresses the need for rapid recovery and reuse of very large amounts of backup data, while retaining the ease of use for which both companies are known. We haven't seen another integrated data storage and protection solution like this on the market. "