2020 Press Releases

August 26, 2020

Pure Storage Announces Second Generation FlashArray//C Making All-Flash More Accessible

Pure Storage, the IT pioneer that delivers storage as-a-service in a multi-cloud world, announced the second generation FlashArray//C, reducing the cost of running capacity-oriented workloads so significantly it eliminates the need for legacy hybrid disk arrays. The only all-QLC storage array, FlashArray//C is built on Pure’s DirectFlashTM technology and Purity software platform to deliver enterprise-grade performance and features cost-effectively, marking another step towards realising Pure’s vision of bringing flash mainstream for any use case.
Enterprises must focus on both innovation and operational excellence, driving efficiency that can free up human and financial capital to invest in a landscape with new demands to meet today's challenges. Yet until now, IT organisations have been forced to distinguish between performance-oriented workloads and everything else due to the economics and performance challenges of legacy storage. The result? Data centres mired in complexity and incompatibilities with unnecessary hardware, software, maintenance, and training costs.
Pure is extending its QLC advantage by delivering the first and only enterprise-grade all-QLC flash array with the second generation of FlashArray//C – transforming raw QLC into a high-endurance medium while delivering new cost economics that are 30% less than similarly sized hybrid storage arrays on the market today. FlashArray//C is available with 24.7TB and, the industry’s largest, 49TB QLC DirectFlash modules providing the lowest possible total cost of ownership. This makes all-flash accessible for use cases previously relegated to spinning disk or inefficient hybrid solutions, like backup and data protection, test/dev environments, and workload consolidation.
Modern business requires fast access to all data whether it's mission critical or capacity-oriented workloads and applications. Pure’s FlashArray portfolio greatly simplifies and streamlines IT operations by enabling customers to house all their data on one agile data services platform – with FlashArray//C for their capacity-oriented workloads and FlashArray//X for performance-intensive workloads, and in the cloud with Cloud Block Store. Common data services across the FlashArray platform make it fast and easy to access, manage, and secure data across multiple workloads, geographies, and clouds. Organisations can derive business value by applying powerful analytics across their platform, with common APIs, monitoring, and world class support by federating data from high-capacity use cases (i.e. backup stores and workload consolidation) and high-performance use cases (i.e. cloud-native databases) in one place.
“Delivering a cost-effective, high-capacity solution solves an even bigger problem for customers – removing the complexity from enterprise storage by providing a complete platform, one that addresses all their data storage requirements," said Scott Baker, Vice President of Product Marketing, FlashArray, Pure Storage. “With the second generation of FlashArray//C, we’re proud to once again demonstrate our commitment to innovation and make the benefits of flash more accessible for a broader range of use cases at an economic advantage that is sure to make hybrid storage a thing of the past.”
FlashArray//C is one of the fastest-growing products in Pure’s portfolio. It enables customers to consolidate workloads and simplify storage with consistent, cost-competitive all-flash performance. Replacing disk and hybrid systems with FlashArray//C lowers costs for rack space, power, cooling, operations and maintenance and the availability of high-capacity, low-cost storage enables enterprises to redirect IT resources away from routine operations and toward delivering new services.
“With FlashArray and Purity, we are able to consolidate our performance and capacity-oriented workloads on one platform, simplifying our environment and enabling us to leverage common data services and analytics across all of our data,” said Sean Donaldson, CTO, Managed Services Division of NTT, Ltd, formerly Secure 24. “We are excited to be adding the all-QLC FlashArray//C to our data centres to further capitalise on the reliable, cost-effective, high-capacity, and high-density benefits the solution delivers.” 
Pure’s FlashArray//C delivers:

  • No-compromise enterprise experience: Like all products in the FlashArray family line, the all-QLC FlashArray//C is built for >99.9999 percent availability with Pure1® cloud data management, API automation and AI-driven predictive support. Enterprise-grade QLC delivers consistent durability and sustained performance, without the need for storage class memory, wear-level software or overprovisioning.

  • Seamless platform for all workloads: Organisations can deploy FlashArray//X and FlashArray//C as a complete solution across all of their performance-oriented and capacity-oriented use cases, greatly reducing staffing and training requirements and increasing IT agility by enabling organisations to use the same storage operating system for all workloads. All data, workloads, operational controls, and reports are available via a single pane of glass.

  • Sustainable and flexible consumption models: FlashArray//C is built from the ground up to be Evergreen™ with non-disruptive hardware and software upgrades and no data migrations, providing a cost-effective way to sustain infrastructure for a decade or more. With Pure-as-a-Service, customers enjoy a cloud experience with pay-as-you-go economics.