2014 Press Releases

June 09, 2014

Permabit HIOPS compression for inline high performance primary storage

Disk and flash vendors may tout that storage per GB is coming down annually but the reality is that the pace of data growth is far exceeding the pace of price declines. As a result IT remains under pressure to find alternative means to containing costs while still supporting business growth.
The solution may be found in compression and deduplication technologies that would enable for smarter data storage and management.
Permabit Technology Corporation announced HIOPS™ Compression, the first inline data reduction solution to address the most demanding primary storage random access workloads, including online transaction processing (OLTP) database environments.  HIOPS Compression complements the high performance inline deduplication capabilities of Permabit Albireo Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) for a complete OEM data efficiency solution.
Data growth continues to be one of the biggest challenges IT organizations confront. Structured data requires high performance primary storage and is highly compressible with data reduction rates as high as 5X. Until now, however, storage products serving this market have recommended that compression be turned off due to the performance degradation it causes.
“Many modern storage systems, whether they are all flash arrays or hybrid systems, are adding data efficiency technologies to their systems to target primary storage workloads,” notes Ben Woo, Managing Director, Neuralytix. “However, all of these systems are simply too slow to provide the performance required. Permabit’s HIOPS Compression combined with Albireo VDO can break that barrier and now offers both compression and deduplication that can provide inline, all the time, data efficiency, which is a huge asset for primary flash, hybrid, and HDD environments.”
Testing in Permabit Labs shows that HIOPS Compression with Permabit Albireo VDO can achieve up to 35X storage savings and 650,000 IOPS. The combination can increase performance of an array by up to 25%. Unlike other compression technologies, designed to run on a single CPU core, HIOPS uses parallelization to leverage multicore architectures and is optimized specifically for primary storage. It delivers consistent high speed performance without a performance penalty to the storage system.
HIOPS compression provides the following benefits:

  • Optimized for primary storage
  • Up to 35X storage savings when combined with deduplication
  • Improves overall performance by up to 25%
  • Designed for multi-core processors with massive parallelization
  • Delivers consistent high speed performance across a wide variety of workloads
  • No performance impact when combined with deduplication
  • No garbage collection processes resulting in instantly available freed space

Data compression has been around for decades, but until now, no storage vendor has been able to meet the performance requirements of the most active primary storage environments,” said Tom Cook, Permabit CEO. “HIOPS Compression is a remarkable advancement in data efficiency that delivers competitive advantage and enables our OEM partners to address the $11B OLTP database market with high performance and cost effective solutions.”
Albireo VDO with HIOPS is the first and only data efficiency software to offer inline data deduplication, compression and thin provisioning in a single solution. All three of these technologies are must-haves for storage vendors that wish to address typical F1000 performance requirements and to differentiate their products based on the availability of superior data efficiency technologies.
HIOPS compression is a key strength of Permabit’s Albireo Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) solutions including the Linux-based VDO and cross-platform eVDO products. VDO provides drop-in data efficiency for Linux-based architectures, delivering HIOPS compression, along with fine-grained (4KB) thin provisioning and data deduplication as a Linux device-mapper module. For non-Linux solutions, the eVDO product provides storage developers with customizable support for their specific OS and block storage layer-specific functions. OEMs around the world have licensed Permabit’s technology to gain competitive advantage, accelerate time to market, and differentiate their products including primary flash, hybrid and HDD storage.