2017 Press Releases

December 21, 2017

OpenEMR Cloud Express Now Available on AWS Marketplace

OpenEMR, the most popular open-source electronic health record (EHR) and medical practice management solution, announced the release of OpenEMR Cloud Express on AWS Marketplace. This offers users a simplified way to setup and use OpenEMR Cloud Express on AWS within minutes.
With a focus on ease of use and cost-effectiveness, OpenEMR Cloud Express leverages Amazon EC2, a secure virtual cloud server solution, allowing users to deploy the latest EMR software in under 10 minutes. Using cutting-edge container technology, the project team was able to provide a bundled version of the OpenEMR solution in a single unit for the cloud. "EC2 and Docker containers are a natural fit. You get the predictability of building and running software in containers along with the unparalleled features of the cloud to make sure the system is running as expected," says Asher Densmore-Lynn, an OpenEMR contributor and cloud architect.
OpenEMR's vibrant community of clinicians, scientists, and engineers developed OpenEMR Cloud Express with the goal of providing a low-cost, easier to use solution for users with low resources. "Oftentimes the targeted users of OpenEMR Cloud Express do not enjoy the same IT resource staffing that more developed countries have," Dr. Brady Miller, an OpenEMR project administrator and physician states. Dr. Miller adds that "It is vital for our team to keep this in mind and I think we have hit this mark with the Express solution. A lay-person can set it up and even maintain it over time."
Over the past few years of development, the community has learned of the use of OpenEMR in the university setting. OpenEMR contributor and incoming medical student, Jason Oettinger states: "It is my hope that OpenEMR Cloud Express will become a staple in the classroom. No longer will professors have to deal with unreliable physical server setups." Jason went on to say that the solution is conducive to departments that are on a budget.
"Express is invariably going to be the option for folks looking to keep costs down. For some, anything above $10 a month in operating costs is simply not in the cards," says Matthew Vita, an OpenEMR project administrator and software engineer. Mr. Vita further notes, "Despite Express's low cost, there is still a focus on best security practices and data backup processes."