2020 Press Releases

May 27, 2020

Nutanix Expands Integration With ServiceNow to Simplify IT Operations During Global Crisis

Nutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing, announced expanded integration with the leading digital workflow company ServiceNow, as well as new capabilities in Nutanix Calm, the company’s application automation and management solution for DevOps. These new features will help customers to simplify and automate infrastructure, application, and cloud management as customers look to streamline their IT operations and costs during this global crisis.

“As IT teams focus on delivering remote work solutions, they sometimes struggle to support the business more broadly because they are strapped for time and resources,” said Rajiv Mirani, Chief Technology Officer at Nutanix. “This strengthened integration with ServiceNow, along with the broader suite of Nutanix automation solutions, will allow IT teams to reduce the amount of time they spend on day-to-day management of their cloud infrastructure, as well as applications, so they can focus on supporting business priorities.”

Despite the cost savings and increased speed from automating repetitive operations, manual processes are still the norm in IT. By 2024, it is expected that organisations will lower operational costs by 30% combining hyperautomation technologies with redesigned operational processes, a transition that might accelerate in response to the current global situation. 62% of organisations are looking at containing costs and 54% are concerned about the potential or significant impact to business operations as a result of the global pandemic according to a PwC survey.

Nutanix aims to simplify automation and make it more accessible to IT professionals at all levels. IT generalists will be able to simply set up triggers and automated actions to simplify day-to-day operations with Nutanix. Integration with leading automation solutions like ServiceNow allows Nutanix customers to further simplify cloud and application management by integrating with their existing IT ticketing system to simplify workflows. Nutanix aims to significantly expand on the suite of automation and cost governance benefits for its customers with these latest product enhancements.

To further enable IT teams, Nutanix announced strengthened integrations and product capabilities to simplify operations. Specifically,

  • Simplified DevOps: Nutanix Calm 3.0 will deliver expanded capabilities as well as strengthened ServiceNow integration. While taking advantage of the approval flow and audit capabilities of ServiceNow, customers can now automate their app lifecycles, including upgrades, patches, expansions and more. They can also increase their security posture by maintaining passwords in a central CyberArc vault, particularly important for government and enterprise customers. In addition to the strengthened integration, Calm 3.0 enables DevOps teams to easily automate workloads across an organisation’s hybrid cloud infrastructure, as well as provision Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Python-based domain-specific language (DSL) for writing Calm blueprints. The Calm DSL offers all the richness of the Calm UI, but with the additional benefit of being human readable, version controlled code that can handle even the most complex application scenarios.

  • Simplified Infrastructure Management: Building on the previously released integration with ServiceNow, Nutanix Prism Pro customers can now respond to alerts and incidents directly in their ServiceNow portal. For example, customers can not only track infrastructure shortages or issues through automatically created tickets in ServiceNow, but also resolve them right in their ticketing system. Adding third-party applications to trigger automation helps customers create an end-to-end IT service management process.

  • Simplified Cloud Governance and Cost Optimisation: The increased integration with ServiceNow will allow customers to simplify cost optimisation and security practices, just as they’re increasing their reliance on public cloud. For example, they’ll be able to limit unintended public cloud consumption which often leads to significant budget overages. Customers will be able to automatically pull Nutanix Xi Beam’s cost and security optimisation recommendations into existing ServiceNow workflows with this solution, by automatically creating tickets based on cost savings recommendations and security vulnerability alerts and assigning them to an appropriate owner.