2020 Press Releases

June 26, 2020

Nutanix Announced New Service to Help Organisations Onboard Remote Employees in ASEAN

Nutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing, announced a new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) service to help promote telework adoption among Malaysia organisations. Nutanix ‘FastTrack for VDI’ brings together Nutanix HCI and software with selected partners to accelerate and optimise a VDI service in just a few weeks.

Remote working and social distancing continues to be a default while Malaysia enters a recovery phase with the end of its national lockdown. Yet, many businesses still struggle to enable their workforces to operate and function remotely, while maintaining access to the same tools and applications they require to be productive and efficient. Hence, there has been increased interest in the importance of VDI.
“As the work from anywhere model becomes the central pillar of the Malaysia’s continuity strategy, businesses need to ensure that remote working arrangements are quickly implemented, streamlined and governed to ensure consistency and efficiency. VDI provides that flexible structure while enabling businesses to be leaner, agile and much more adaptable with remote operations,” shared Avinash Gowda, Malaysia’s Country Manager for Nutanix.
‘FastTrack for VDI’ is designed to help Malaysia organisations drive business continuity efforts as smoothly as possible, especially for the long-term:

  • Nutanix FastTrack for VDI allows organisations to reduce the time required to onboard thousands of remote employees.
  • The offer includes the set up and provision of desktops in under five business days for predefined Nutanix configurations. It allows businesses to provide employees with secure access to apps and tools, with minimal interruptions, while maintaining the required control and security.
  • Customers will be able to leverage existing hardware, select predefined Nutanix hardware or leverage managed cloud infrastructure from managed service provider (MSP) partners.
  • The simplicity and flexibility of the Nutanix infrastructure makes deployment easier, enabling an expedited delivery service.

Nutanix ‘FastTrack for VDI’ enables local businesses to continue their digital transformation journey in these times of uncertainty. It allows remote access to critical business applications, even via personal devices, on which strict security policies can be implemented and managed through its simple management console.
The performance and speed of Nutanix VDI solutions have been well documented. It has a large, existing customer base and its influence continues to expand across a wide range of industry sectors, including educational institutions and local governments.

“In 2020, remote working has become our new normal. It is time for businesses to start planning for the long term and leverage technologies for a new business reality. Nutanix is committed to ensuring that Malaysian businesses have quick and easy access to the right solutions and technology to keep their staff engaged, efficient and productive throughout these unprecedented disruptions,” Avinash concluded.