2019 Press Releases

December 18, 2019

NTT Introduces 5th Data Centre in Malaysia

NTT Ltd., the world-leading global technology services provider, will construct its fifth data center at the NTT Cyberjaya Campus in Malaysia.

It will be completed in 2020, CBJ5 boasts a Tier 4 ready, compact and modular design, to deliver a flexible and scalable power and cooling solution for the clients along with an industry leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) is the first of its kind in Malaysia.
This announcement was made during the Malaysia’s Budget 2020 tabling that has placed focus on driving economic growth through the new digital era. With data being the core of successful digitization, the government of Malaysia and other important enterprises are using data and analytics as competitive weapons to thrive digital transformation across industries.
With the additional grants and explanations that have been confronted, more organisations are considering digital transformation which leads to more demands from data centre to support expanding data needs. This is the kind of demand that the new CBJ5 is looking to deliver on; giving clients the facilities they require to be ready for digital adoption.
Henrick Choo, CEO of Malaysia for NTT Ltd said “CBJ5 is designed to meet the requirements of hyperscalers and high-end enterprises, especially those that require solid power management capabilities. CBJ5 is able to accommodate progressive power increments and cooling of up to 10kW/rack. This is revolutionary as it will allow our clients to maximize the power resources in their chosen data center.”
NTT intends on becoming the leading Digital Infrastructure Provider in Malaysia that will attract both domestic and global traffic into its connectivity rich, carrier neutral data centre campus that also includes NTT’s global Tier-1 IP network, Multi-Cloud Connect platform and domestic Internet Exchange. The Cyberjaya Campus is designed to features a high-density fiber network facilitating inter-connection among clients to create a digital supply chain ecosystem.
Bank Negara Malaysia released an announcement regarding a set of guidelines describing Risk Management in Technology (RMiT) for financial institutions, which means security becomes an important priority as they are responsible for the safety of the bank’s information infrastructure, systems and data. NTT will be speaking on these new requirements by working together with financial institutions, so they are able to fulfil BNM’s guideline.
Henrick also stated that security will be heightened as the company grows.  “NTT’s physical data center access control will be increased to safeguard all data center blocks within the NTT Cyberjaya Campus. We will also be introducing smart security technology integrating Visitor Management Systems with facial recognition technology. Essentially, we will double our security cover with the two combined,” he added.
NTT helps clients to choose from multiple architectures from on-premise, to cloud and even multi-cloud. More importantly, the all-encompassing solutions comes with solid managed security solutions that provides customers the best protection while minimizing business interferences.
“Malaysia is moving in the right direction with positive and encouraging change in the digital economy. We at NTT are proud and excited to be part of this movement by playing a role in boosting the economy and improving the well-being of all Malaysians. We hope to continue the momentum and to help make the nation’s vision a reality through more public-private partnerships in future. Together, we do great things,” concluded Henrick.
The NTT data center platform has global reach alongside local operational expertise and provides access to a wide portfolio of ICT solutions which clients in Malaysia can utilize to support their digital transformation needs and maintain critical applications in a comprehensive, hybrid IT environment.
“NTT will invest aggressively in Asia Pacific as we foresee growth potential in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.  NTT in Malaysia has been successfully operating the campus data center for the last 20 years.  This data center model has gained popularity all over the world, especially in US and Europe given its flexible growth record and comprehensive network connection,” commented Mr. Ryuichi Matsuo, CEO of NTT Global Data Centers and Executive Vice President, Head of Data Center Services, ICT Infrastructure Services, NTT Ltd.