2016 Press Releases

March 30, 2016

Next-Generation Storage Technology Market

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Next Generation Storage Technology Market by Technology: Application (Enterprise, Big Data, Cloud-Based Storage)-Forecast (2015-2020)" report to their collection.
Next-generation storage technologies are used to store and recover information quickly and efficiently. Next-Generation Data Storage Technology is an upcoming market, driven by the increasing need for data storage in small and medium enterprises drives. This technology is used in smartphones, PC and laptops to support increasing data storage needs.

The next-generation storage technologies market is segmented according to the technology utilised. These technologies are: all-flash storage arrays, holographic data storage, cloud-based disaster recovery, hybrid array and heat-assisted magnetic recording. Among these, all-flash arrays and hybrid arrays are the most popular storage techniques used in institutions. These growing technologies will improve the customer's capability to secure, store and recover information.

According to its applications, the next-generation storage technologies market is segmented into enterprise data storage, big data storage and cloud-based storage services. Growing analytics for big data has resulted in a need for next-generation storage systems in order to efficiently store the necessary data.