2022 Press Releases

August 03, 2022

New SAS Student Program to Help Future-Proof Malaysia's Budding Analysts

As demand for data science talent continues to soar, analytics leader SAS has launched a new program, the SAS Skill Builder as part of the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation's (MDEC) Let's Learn Digital initiative. This program enables higher education students to learn analytics skills and earn valuable certifications sought by employers, with four of these certifications being endorsed under the MDEC Digital Skills Directory. The program is made available for free and globally, with a 24/7 virtual learning portal that offers access to SAS software, e-learning and certifications, as well as career advice and ways to connect with employers. 
"The SAS Skill Builder is the opportunity for Malaysian students to become SAS certified analysts and gain an advantage in the business world," said Cheam Tat Inn, Managing Director, SAS Institute, Malaysia. "As Malaysia continues to grow as a hub for data analytics, the SAS Skill Builder for Students program will drive the growth of the country's future data talents and leaders, while providing businesses with access to certified talents to thrive in an endemic world." 
“We are honoured and thrilled to have SAS as a partner in our ongoing efforts to nurture Malaysia’s next generation of digital talents. The economy of today is a digital economy, with data science being an important aspect in driving Malaysia as a digital nation.  
“The SAS Skill Builder will no doubt play a vital role in MDEC’s commitment to ensure a robust and sustainable talent pipeline for the development of data scientists and experts in other technological fields. We look forward to working closer with SAS and other industry experts to accelerate Malaysia’s digital economy for the benefit of the people, businesses, and nation,” said Mahadhir Aziz, Chief Executive Officer, MDEC. 
In this digital era, Kamilah Irdina uses her SAS knowledge to bridge the gap between data and the business using analytics in the financial industry. “As someone who always has a curiosity about data, I was looking for jobs that could allow me to explore and discover patterns in data that could ultimately help people put meaningful data to use.” said Kamilah. “I get to spend all day transforming raw data confusion into clarity, providing actionable insights to the banking landscape - the SAS knowledge that I possess has enabled me to land a job straight after completing my degree and given me the opportunity to work on analytics projects efficiently.”  
Kamilah Irdina holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems (Data Analytics) from Sunway University. With SAS embedded into the curricula while earning her degree, Kamilah also possesses a SAS Academic Specialization in Big Data with Advanced Techniques in Data Science. 
In addition, SAS will also be working with customers to provide job and internship opportunities for SAS-certified graduates through its Talent Connection Program. “Malaysia needs to have a competitive pool of bright and skilled young talents to pivot to a successful data and digital ecosystem. As a recognized player in the digital economy producing skilled talents in data science and analytics, RHB is delighted to partner with SAS in the quest to develop, groom and on-board more of these skilled talents,” said Simon TG Lim, Head, Group Analytics, RHB Banking Group. 
The path to a great analytics career 
According to a survey by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), skills gaps in the local labour market and the inability to attract foreign talents in specialised IT are the two greatest barriers to meet digital talent needs in the country. SAS Skill Builder for Students can help more Malaysian students build the necessary skillset and seize data science jobs by providing access to: 

  • Free cloud-based software: SAS OnDemand for Academics and SAS® Viya® for Learners. 
  • Free e-learning: Courses in foundational skills like data literacy and point-and-click data analytics, programming, visual analytics and visual statistics, statistical analysis, predictive modelling and machine learning.   
  • Certification pathways to simplify the journey to data science certification and other valuable SAS certifications.  
  • Exclusive certification exam discounts for those who register.  
  • Badges that signal valuable skills to employers in areas such as data visualisation and machine learning. 
  • Career resources to inspire students and help them succeed. Students can explore what it means to be a data scientist and data analytics professional, how to set themselves apart and connect with employers offering work that taps into their passions.  

*An academic email domain is required to access SAS Skill Builder for Students. 
Thriving in a data-driven world 
SAS Skill Builder for Students incorporates data from a variety of industries to gain valuable and relevant experience. Students can also learn one of the most valuable skills for success in today’s society and workplaces: Data literacy. In a world awash in dis- and misinformation, it is critical to be able to consume, interpret and understand data. SAS Skill Builder for Students includes access to Data Literacy Essentials, a SAS course that introduces data basics and strategies for using and interrogating data, discovering meaning, making decisions and communicating data. The course follows the journeys of a concerned parent, a small business owner and a public health expert, who each use data to navigate and problem-solve through the pandemic. 
The course also focuses on the ethical challenges of working with data. Data ethics refers to how we seek out, interpret and present data responsibly, including the moral judgments we make when working with data. The course covers how biases influence the ways we interact with and communicate data and provides guidance on ways we can work with data more responsibly.