2021 Press Releases

October 13, 2021

New Portworx PX-Backup's Release Enables Cross-Cloud Data Protection and Migration of Stateful Applications Running on Kubernetes

PX-Backup 2.1, the market-leading application and data protection platform for modern applications, has been released by Portworx by Pure Storage, the most comprehensive Kubernetes Data Services Platform. In addition, Portworx released new survey data assessing end-user perspectives on running stateful applications on Kubernetes.
The latest PX-Backup enhancements provide enterprises with comprehensive data protection, multi-cloud mobility, and improved compliance support for Kubernetes-based applications running on premises or in the cloud. Among the new features are:

  • Application Portability between clouds: PX-Backup delivers application portability between any cloud or on-premises data center. With the latest version, customers can back up Kubernetes applications running in one cloud or data center and restore them in any other.

  • Improved Compliance via 3-2-1 Backup Rule Support for any storage: The 3-2-1 backup rule is an industry standard for any data protection plan, ensuring recovery from several failure scenarios. With this release, PX-Backup can now offload backups from CSI snapshots to object storage. Enterprises running Kubernetes apps on Portworx PX-Store, any CSI compliant storage service, or cloud-based storage can now use PX-Backup to maintain three copies of data (production, snapshots, backup copy) across both disk and object storage. This provides flexibility to store data offsite (in any cloud), fulfilling the requirements of a 3-2-1 based backup program.

  • Expanded Recovery with Support for File Shares: In addition to existing capabilities to backup block-based workloads, enterprises can now backup and recover applications running on read-write-many (RWX) persistent volumes provisioned as file shares from FlashBlade, Portworx proxy volumes, or any NFS server.

  • Improved Protection using PX-Secure: PX-Backup users can now leverage both the role-based access controls and encryption services offered in Portworx PX-Secure, gaining an added layer of security support for their modern applications and the ability to reduce management overhead.

End User Survey: Perspectives on Running Stateful Applications on Kubernetes
As enterprises work to modernise their applications and infrastructure, Kubernetes continues to play a critical role in driving business agility and resilience. An end-user survey of 500 IT professionals in the United States and the United Kingdom discovered that increasing agility (58 per cent) and resilience (52 per cent) were the primary motivators for their team's decision to build and deploy stateful applications Kubernetes. Among the key survey findings are:

  • Impacts to a Company's Bottom Line: IT Professionals agree that running stateful apps on Kubernetes allows them to develop (54%) and scale (55%) their apps faster, while allowing developers to be more efficient (55%).

  • Backup & Restore is a Key Requirement: Backup & Restore (55%), Data Mobility and Capacity Management (49%), and High Availability (48%) were identified by IT Professionals as the most critical requirements for stateful apps running on Kubernetes.

  • Data Mobility and Protection are a Challenge: Data Mobility (29%) is the requirement IT Professionals struggle to achieve the most when running stateful apps on Kubernetes, while Data Protection (46%) is the biggest operational challenge.

  • Stateful Workloads are Expected to Increase: A majority (87%) of respondents expect the percentage of stateful workloads over the next 12 months to increase, while 9% expect it to stay the same, and only 4% expect it to decrease.

"The latest survey findings underscore the urgency of securing mission-critical Kubernetes applications with a comprehensive data protection and compliance strategy. With the latest PX-Backup enhancements, we're excited to offer global customers a vendor-agnostic solution to truly manage and secure their modern, yet distributed, Kubernetes infrastructure." -- Murli Thirumale, VP and GM, Cloud Native Business Unit, Pure Storage.