2023 Press Releases

September 12, 2023

New Heights in Business Continuity Achieved by Thai Nippon Foods with Synology’s Solution

Thai Nippon Foods, a leading food manufacturer in the region, has selected Synology to address their IT challenges, placing a strong emphasis on business continuity and data protection.
The success in the food manufacturing industry is closely tied to both seamless production processes and the secure management of sensitive operational information. In light of unpredictable events like natural disasters, hardware failures, or cyber-attacks that can disrupt production, it's imperative for companies to ensure the reliability, security, and accessibility of their data. To achieve this, Thai Nippon Foods has chosen Synology's on-premises storage and backup solution, aiming for maximum data protection and high availability.
“Synology delivers what we value most: reliability and security for our operations,” said Thai Nippon Foods. "Synology's data protection suite supports fast local backup and recovery, while Synology High Availability ensures our business and production systems can keep running uninterrupted in case of unexpected events.”
Leveraging Synology's comprehensive storage and backup solutions, Thai Nippon Foods can ensure near-zero downtime for their essential business and production systems. This is made possible through Synology High Availability, which promises the company’s systems operate without interruptions.
Additionally, Thai Nippon Foods has enhanced its data protection measures by integrating Synology Active Backup for Business into their established backup infrastructure. This approach offers a versatile backup solution, accommodating different operating systems and installation points. The on-site architecture of Active Backup for Business streamlines backup and recovery and aligns with the stringent Recovery Time Objective (RTO) standards. In comparison to cloud retrieval, this setup ensures quicker data access and significantly reduced downtime. This provides Thai Nippon Foods with confidence in the security and accessibility of their pivotal information.
“With Synology’s solutions, we have elevated our data protection capabilities, ensuring business continuity like never before,” said Thai Nippon Foods.