2020 Press Releases

December 28, 2020

New Cloud-Based Program Aims to Make HR Compliance Easy

2020 has been a challenging year for many. For others, the tough times served as inspiration to start their own business. Rather than waiting for work, they became the job creators. While entrepreneur around the country have put their hobbies and passions to work for them, and are creating high-quality goods and services, not every business owner is an expert when it comes to HR, payroll and document management. One company is making it easy for business owners to get what they need to manage their team quickly and efficiently.

WorxQ, a secure, cloud-based product that was launched on December 15, 2020, is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises to be able to manage their staffing and HR paperwork to ensure compliance and best practices are followed. Within a few months, the unique and easy to use site will even integrates Siri compatibility, allowing users to ask and receive answers to their pressing HR question hands-free without interruption to workflow.

“Business owners are amazing,” explains Sravanthi Aitha, CEO of WorxQ. “They take a chance, put their money on the line, turn their passions into a business and then they bring other people on board and become the job creators our economy so badly needs, especially this year. We ask a lot of entrepreneurs. WorxQ is designed to take some of the pressure off of business owners and free them up to focus on growing their business, not on endless paperwork, HR tracking and compliance documents. We designed WorxQ to be user friendly and to blend into the business day seamlessly and keep businesses growing.”

WorxQ features HR support allowing small and medium-sized businesses to manage the entire employee lifecycle via intuitive and engaging features and time off and PTO request management. Payroll becomes a smooth process with WorxQ’s time tracking feature, and staff can get the answers they need quickly thanks to the automated help desk feature. End-of-year reporting is usually a nightmare time for business owners who have to track down endless paperwork, tax documents and reports; with the built-features found in WorxQ, the paperwork is already compiled, ensuring compliance and easy to access end-of-period and end-of-year reports.

Just like the automated and intuitive features found in WorxQ, the cloud-based program is designed to be easy to run. There is no need for users to buy a new piece of software every year as the secure, cloud-based program allows for automatic updates. There are faster load-times, lower memory usage and automatic syncing, so data is never lost.

To ensure small and medium businesses have everything they need to turn 2020 into a success, WorxQ is offering 3 months free subscription with no credit card required for sign up.