2014 Press Releases

August 06, 2014

Networks are critical in the cloud and big data era

Editor’s note: When you have cloud computing and big data coming at you, the attention goes to the application. What I keep telling people is that the network is just as critical. You can have the most powerful servers and the best data centres money can build, but if your network connection to the world is crap, the only people benefiting from your offering are those wired directly to your servers.


BT recognised in Gartner critical capabilities for APAC network providers report

BT is one of two vendors to score the highest in the Regional Network in the Asia Use Case, and scores the highest in the Extended Domestic Network Coverage Use Case.

BT’s capabilities in the Asia Pacific region have been highlighted by Gartner, Inc. in its latest Critical Capabilities for Asia/Pacific Network Providers report. The report evaluated 13 vendors against four critical capabilities with varying weightings – Managed MPLS VPN, Ethernet Services, Internet Access and Managed WAN Optimisation/Application Performance Management.

These capabilities were measured in four different use cases – Regional Network in Asia, Extended Domestic Network Coverage, High Capacity Networks and Low-Latency Networks.  BT is one of two vendors to score the highest in the Regional Network in Asia Use Case, and the highest in the Extended Domestic Network Coverage Use Case.

According to Gartner, “the needs of MNCs operating in Asia Pacific are evolving with the changing trends. While the majority, typically, require international connectivity to all the major markets, the very large MNCs now require deep domestic connectivity in emerging markets such as China and India where they have large or rapidly expanding operations. They are also seeking growth in new emerging markets such as Cambodia and Myanmar or Pakistan and Bangladesh.”

Gartner recommends that in such a context, users should “select a provider that can offer superior connectivity into emerging markets through MPLS interconnections with local carriers, good service and support, and experience in supporting large and highly distributed networks.”

Kevin Taylor, president, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa (AMEA), BT Global Services, said: “BT has come a long way in the Asia Pacific region. While our global networked IT capabilities have long been recognised by our customers and by market analysts, we believe that this latest report shows that we have now also firmly established a regional leadership position. We feel that Gartner’s rating is a testament to our ability to help customers master the art of connecting and succeed in their growth journeys across Asia Pacific.”