2021 Press Releases

January 15, 2021

NETGEAR Unveils Enhanced Insight Cloud Management Platform

NETGEAR®, Inc., the leading provider of networking products powering today's small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), announced the latest version of its award-winning Remote Cloud management solution, NETGEAR Insight.

Every day, businesses add more devices to their network and rely more on these network-connected devices to conduct their business. As SMB networks become larger and more complex, business owners, Managed Service Providers, IT and Networking professionals need actionable information about their network and the devices on the network. Furthermore, this information needs to be presented far more intuitively than has been required in the past.

New NETGEAR Insight version 6.0 not only enhances customers' network visibility, but it also offers a clear visual view of wired and wireless networks through simple yet insightful topology maps and graphs. Additionally, with the new Insight Topology function, SMBs can organise wired and wireless networks in a clear and concise network map that enables Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and network administrators to gain unprecedented visibility and troubleshooting capabilities into the structure and status of the networks they manage.

"Businesses, large and small, have had to change the way they conduct their business; work-at-home employees and digital engagement with customers are the new normal. And therefore, the IT network of a business is now ever more important," said Patrick Lo, Chairman and CEO of NETGEAR. "NETGEAR Insight version 6.0, dramatically simplifies the job of a network administrator and allows them to maximise network uptime while optimising performance."

The new Insight Topology viewer provides a holistic network view while enabling quick drill-down to areas that need further troubleshooting or configuration modification. The Insight Topology viewer tool scales as the organisation's network grows and is customisable to meet the administrator's needs. It is built for speed, responsiveness and to enable shortened network debugging cycles.

Insight Topology is available in three predefined layouts: Tree ViewAbstract View and, SSID View (for wireless deployments only).

Insight version 6.0 also comes with a set of tools to manage larger WiFi networks, including the ability to implement high-density wireless deployments by providing a single console to install and configure more complex networks centrally. This new offering is ideal for 50-250 employee companies, schools with multiple floors and local government organisations, among others.

Insight Features for High-Density WiFi management include:

  • Support for 802.11 k/v/r WiFi network roaming standards: Improves user experience for wireless clients with higher speeds and no break in coverage as they move from one access point to another

  • Load Balancing: Allows IT managers to balance out traffic across multiple access points to ensure optimal throughput and performance

  • Advanced Rate Selection: Set limitations on access points based on client signal strength threshold and number of client devices

  • SSID-level Client Isolation: Ensure network isolation from one wireless network to another

  • Client Roaming History: Look through client roaming history to adjust access point position and settings to improve signal