2023 Press Releases

September 12, 2023

NEC's Corporate Digital Transformation Acceleration Supported by WalkMe

WalkMe Inc. (NASDAQ: WKME), a leading provider of digital adoption solutions, today announced that NEC Corporation has implemented WalkMe to drive the utilization of purchasing, procurement, and customer management systems as a part of its digital transformation initiatives. With WalkMe, NEC has improved business processes with a 75% reduction in employee support tickets, a 70% decrease in returned SAP Ariba submissions – all while boosting employee satisfaction and reducing support staff burden.
NEC is committed to driving comprehensive digital transformation initiatives throughout the organization, customer base, and society as the core for its medium-term management plan for 2025, which aims to deliver value derived from its internal digital transformation efforts to customers. To drive its own digital transformation, NEC is focusing on the digital experience for employees, streamlining its business operations, and building a more employee-friendly work environment.
In order to promote NEC’s digital transformation through the improvements of business systems, the company implemented WalkMe to establish SAP Ariba and Salesforce more effectively. These systems required more proficiency in operation than before, and WalkMe enables correct operation navigation, guidance, and automation.

With WalkMe, SAP Ariba and Salesforce users at NEC receive operational navigation, guidance, and automation with the aim of promoting and establishing the use of these systems through NEC’s ongoing digital transformation initiatives. Specifically, WalkMe enables end-users to operate SAP Ariba and Salesforce without the need to read manuals or sit through training sessions as it automatically assists with a portion of user operations.
“Our comprehensive digital transformation goals are a key priority for NEC, and we consider WalkMe as an important part of our digital transformation process,” said Noriaki Seki, Executive Professional of Architecture, Director, Corporate, DX Strategy Office, NEC. “Enterprises simply cannot overlook the importance of the change management that comes with digital transformation, especially when it comes to employee experience. If employees cannot effectively utilize the technology provided to them, return on investment will not be realized.”

“Many enterprises continue to struggle with the aftermath of digital transformation, which is essentially when organizations implement various new technologies without an effective change management strategy for employees,” said Scott Little, Chief Revenue Officer, WalkMe. “The by-product is something we refer to as ‘Software Paralysis,’ which is when efficiency and productivity slows or stops because employees cannot absorb or are overwhelmed with the on-ramping of new technologies as well as keeping up with ongoing product updates. We are pleased to be working with NEC as a key part of their digital transformation goals and look forward to supporting their ongoing efforts.”
Prior to WalkMe, approximately 10% of NEC’s application processes on SAP Ariba and Salesforce resulted in end-user inquiries to the support staff. In addition, more than 20% of all application submissions were sent back because of various errors such as unchecked required items or missing attachments. However, after the implementation of WalkMe, the number of support staff inquiries decreased by 75% and the number of applications being sent back decreased by approximately 70% in a specific application operation. Going forward, NEC will continue to analyze the usage of approximately 1,000 internal systems and consider the application of WalkMe to areas where greater effectiveness can be expected by resolving operational challenges.
For more information, read the case study here.

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