2022 Press Releases

January 12, 2022

MicroStrategy Helps Pfizer Drive Cultural Change in Sustainable and Accessible Data

Pfizer, an American global pharmaceutical and biotechnology firm, was helped by MicroStrategy, a US-based corporate analytics platform, to usher in a future of sustainable data culture. Pfizer has recognised the value of this inevitable transition and continues to drive the conversation internally and publicly with the help of solutions and platforms geared to elevate the data game.
Understanding the importance of digital finance and data utility, Pfizer underwent a transformation and began to see data as an important corporate asset to be consolidated and structured in ways that made finding insights easier while accessible across different devices.
Steven Dawson, Senior Director of Digital Finance, Pfizer explained, "We realised that there were three very different user personas, the first is the executive leadership team, who need to see very high-level financial data on a monthly basis. The second group we have is the intermediate level of senior leaders, who need to see data for a specific region, perhaps a business unit with a local hierarchy. And then the third group we have is the individual country managers or teams, who need very detailed information and detailed reports." 
MicroStrategy can take all that data and distill it into various dashboards and reports for different levels of access, allowing for a smoother transition to a new data-driven culture—made all the more effective when the organisation's various needs are made known.
Dawson added, "In addition to that, it is a very good idea to identify metrics that would help you track adoption or non-adoption, and help shine a light on who is using the dashboards, what particular reports or worksheets they are using, maybe even what types of queries they are running, so we can subsequently improve the application but also ask questions."
By taking advantage of what the platform has to offer, data became more actionable. Likewise, useful information could be applied across different areas of the business and markets supported by business intelligence tools and software which strengthens the appeal for adopting the new approach.
Aside from the financial reporting automation, the self-serve business intelligence model that MicroStrategy is able to provide was another important aspect of the digital transformation. Pfizer has tried to push the edge in several areas, including increased interactability, technological integration (such as natural language generation), and chatbots.
At the same time, MicroStrategy's integration paves the way for an entire data streamlining process, lessening the strain on cross-departmental requests and emphasising the importance of upskilling and adopting a new way of doing things for a company the size of Pfizer.
Phong Le, President and CFO, MicroStrategy remarked, "At MicroStrategy, we have started to try to solve what we call the 'last-mile problem' with Hyperintelligence, which gets insights to users who need them, when they need them, without the need to dig into dashboards and reports." 
As with Pfizer's commitment to embracing sustainable data accessibility, MicroStrategy's robust data analytics solutions, the ability to bring business intelligence to all levels of an organisation, and the self-serve model are excellent, foundational steps to helping enterprises forge forward with data.