2017 Press Releases

December 21, 2017

Legaltech Blockchain Startup Agrello Partners with Hardware-Based Cybersecurity Provider Rivetz

Agrello, a company providing blockchain-based Legaltech and digital identity services, has partnered with Rivetz to provide an innovative, proprietary hardware-based cybersecurity mechanism for digital identities. This way, an extremely safe and easy to use digital ID is created.
Agrello provides a cryptographically secured, blockchain-based digital ID, which its users can employ  to identify themselves anywhere online. The Agrello ID service can be used to sign contracts or to undergo Know-Your-Customer processes in a few seconds. Rivetz provides a toolkit to access the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), which is built into most modern mobile devices.
Based on Rivetz’ innovation, the Agrello ID application will be able to bypass a user’s phone’s Operating System, and thereby potential malware installed on it – providing absolute protection from identity theft, data breaches, and most cyber-attack vectors.
Hando Rand CEO of Agrello stated “In cooperation with Rivetz, we can take our ID system to the highest level of security assurance, providing the uppermost form of protection available today. This will allow us to expand our client base to new enterprise customers with higher levels of risk in their operations.”