2021 Press Releases

November 23, 2021

Leading Malaysian Manufacturer Turns to Epicor to Harness the Power of the Cloud to Solve Unique Production Needs

Epicor, a global leader in industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, announced that Allied Hori Sdn Bhd, a leading Malaysian electronics manufacturing company with a global footprint across Asia and Europe, has chosen Epicor Kinetic as part of its digital transformation strategy.

Epicor Kinetic – a cloud-based solution built with manufacturers, for manufacturers – will help Allied Hori Sdn Bhd modernise its operation onto a scalable platform, aid integration of the company’s systems, and automate business processes for greater efficiencies. 

Allied Hori required a centralised data hub that enables inter-departmental consolidation of data and insights sharing to further scale and drive business growth. The company also required a solution to streamline and increase operational efficiency and productivity and enhance traceability and visibility of workflow and resources.

Epicor Kinetic will use Epicor Business Process Management to maximise Allied Hori's business efficiencies while addressing their pain points, creating leaner operations, and reducing process complexities (BPM). Allied Hori should benefit from improved resource optimisation and significantly increased visibility and traceability of operations and resources through barcoding and real-time data collection, advanced planning and scheduling (APS) and material requirement planning, and a centralised data bank providing greater business insights (MRP).

“Solutions that help us streamline and automate our day-to-day operations are what we really need to grow as we embrace the future of manufacturing,” said Ian Leong, Managing Director of Allied Hori Sdn Bhd. “The newly implemented Epicor Kinetic ERP solution was specifically designed to fit our unique production needs. It has enabled us to integrate the activities of the entire company into one centralised system, enabling us to automate and standardise our business processes.” 

As manufacturers contend with various challenges, including operational efficiency, supply chain disruption, workforce complexities, and changing customer expectations for digital connectedness, the need for flexible, insights-driven industry productivity solutions has never been greater. In fact, according to the latest Epicor Industry Insights Report 2021, 94 per cent of business leaders surveyed stated the cloud is critical to future-proofing their business, and 82 per cent said COVID-19 had accelerated their cloud migration plans. 

Kinetic, a cloud-based ERP solution that offers an intuitive, flexible, and guided user experience with integrated learning, artificial intelligence, and built-in social collaboration features, was released earlier this year by Epicor. It caters to specific industries, such as discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, metals, and lumber.

“In today’s competitive business environment, manufacturers must continue to embrace change to stay ahead of competitors and win market share. As a result, we are witnessing a growing demand for cloud solutions, such as Epicor Kinetic, to help maximise resources, remain resilient, and boost process efficiency to stay competitive,” said Vincent Tang, Regional Vice President, Asia at Epicor. “We architect software systems that are laser-focused on the needs of our customers, so they have the sort of implementation that best helps them scale and thrive.”