2022 Press Releases

November 22, 2022

Kronicles Introduces kCloud to Power Businesses of All Sizes in the New Digital Economy

Kronicles today announced the launch of Kronicles kCloud, a comprehensive suite of As-A-Service solutions, with services ranging from storage, digital vaulting, backups, archives and modern business workflows to serve the digital business needs of enterprise users.
Kronicles kCloud S3 storage complements existing hybrid and multicloud environments with the standard S3 API integration and can be employed to store in any type of environment, from edge to cloud enabling business-critical applications, backup and disaster recovery, data archives, and data lakes for analytics.

Kronicles kCloud is powered by Seagate Lyve™ Cloud from Seagate® Technology, a world leader in data storage infrastructure solutions. This collaboration brings cloud storage as a service closer to users, enabling businesses of all sizes to adopt a frictionless cloud service platform.

Designed as a simple, trusted, and efficient storage as a-service platform, the Seagate Lyve Cloud is the S3-compatible platform that provides always-on availability data storage and activation for massive unstructured datasets. Seagate Lyve Cloud adheres to globally recognised data security standards and is ISO27001 and SOC2 certified. Data stored with Seagate Lyve Cloud incorporates always-on encryption for data at rest and in flight, meeting the data security requirements and concerns of businesses today.
“We are happy to collaborate with Kronicles to reach more customers in Asia through their extensive network in the region,” said Mr Robert (Bob) Yang, Seagate’s Vice President for Asia-Pacific Sales. “This cooperation will help customers have  easier access to storage-as-a-service with predictable costs, designed for mass data and multicloud environment.”

Kronicles kCloud portfolio of service offerings span across the video surveillance, cyber security, data storage, data vaulting and archive, ransomware recovery and backup solutions not only to IT companies, but also in the media & entertainment, government, video analytics, manufacturing, and new energy markets.

“Enterprises are moving steadily towards digitisation, and with mass growth of data involved in the digital world, they are recognising the need to manage their business-critical data for longer period of time, for business continuity as well as for analytics on worry-free, easy-to-manage data management platforms with predictable cost economics,” said Mr Hendry Velasco, Managing Director, Kronicles.  Mr Velasco added “As such, it is critical to leverage on a dependable and reliable cloud storage platform, like our kCloud, powered by Seagate Lyve Cloud that offers flexible and complete service offering to meet the dynamic changing needs of these customers. And this, is exactly what we have successfully developed, with our experienced expertise in multi and hybrid cloud professionals and the long-term collaboration with Seagate.”